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The TLC320AD80 is an audio processing subsystem designed to meet the audio needs of a broad range of set-top box applications. This device includes a high-performance stereo audio DAC, analog volume & balance control, analog TV monaural decoder, de-emphasis filter, and an analog wide-band multiplexer. The sigma-delta DAC performs data conversion with 85dB performance. The architecture provides much flexibility, giving the user the option to use all or a subset of the functional blocks.

There are two serial digital interfaces for digital audio data and four analog audio inputs. The analog output of the device can be selected to be the output of the DAC, the output of the TV baseband filter, or pass-thru of one of the analog inputs.

The digital interfaces enables ease of use by providing compatibility with the industry standard I2S digital audio port, and with the SPI(R) serial control interface. In addition, the digital audio interface supports additional interface protocols.


TMS320AD80 block diagram

  • Highly integrated analog audio functions
  • Flexible architecture allows variable interconnects between functions
  • Sigma-delta DAC with 16 bit resolution and 85dB performance
  • Internal monaural decoder for TV Baseband audio
  • Four analog audio inputs: Two stereo, two mono
  • Volume and Balance control: 69 step @ 1dB/step, with Mute
  • Selectable 50/15 ms de-emphasis analog filter
  • Uncommitted wide-band analog 2:1 multiplexer
  • Multiplexed analog output can select the output of the DAC or analog data pass-thru from one of the analog audio inputs
  • Two flexible digital serial data ports (Philips I2S protocol, left-justified, and right-justified formats)
  • SPI(R) bus - compatible serial control port
  • Sample rates supported in DAC: 8kHz to 48kHz
  • Digital serial ports support 16-bit or 18-bit PCM digital audio data format
  • Analog stereo inputs can be configured as mono inputs through the Left Channel
  • Analog output with 600 Ohm load drive and short circuit protection
  • Internal voltage reference
  • TTL/CMOS compatible
  • Single +5V power supply, 64-pin TQFP Package

  • Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) Set-Top Boxes
  • Digital Cable or Telco Set-Top Boxes
  • High Definition Television (HDTV), Digital Audio Broadcast Receivers
  • Video Laser Disk, Video CD, and CD-I Players