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The TLC320AD90 is a high-performance, 16-bit stereo audio codec that is fully compliant with Intel's AC'97 specification. The device also provides an integrated 600-ohm power amplifier.

The 'AD90 offers performance of 94 db typical SNR on the DAC and 93 dB SNR on the ADC. Also, high quality FIR and Bissel Linear Phase Filtering is used. It also exceeds other AC'97 parameters like intermodulation distortion and crosstalk.


TMS320AD90 block diagram

  • Compatible with INTEL's Audio Codec '97 specification
  • Exceeds several performance parameters of AC'97 specification
  • Serial 5 line (AC'97) digital interface port
  • Split analog/digital architecture for improved performance and ease of board layout
  • Standard 64-pin LQFP package
  • Full-duplex Codec with 16 bit resolution of ADC and DAC
  • Fixed, 48 KHz sample rate
  • Four analog stereo inputs, LINE_IN, CD, VIDEO, AND AUX
  • Line level mono inputs for speakerphone and BEEP
  • Mono mic input switchable from two different sources.
  • Buffered reference out, Internal codec network will be designed and speced for microphone bias, not necessarily 5 mA.
  • Psuedo-differential CD input for improved CDROM analog performance
  • Stereo line level output.
  • Mono output for speakerphone
  • Power management support
  • Mono_Out, no op amps.
  • Low operating current cunsumption - typically less than 55 mA total when outputs are driving 10KW loads.
  • Very low standby current (100 mA) in Power Down Mode..
  • Interfaces to 5V or 3.3V digital controller.

  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Musical instruments
  • PC motherboard and add-in audio cards