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Residential lighting

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Residential lighting designs are key parts of the growing effort to modernize buildings and reduce energy costs. Tunable white LED chips on board (COB) are leading to designs concerned with human-centric lighting and circadian lighting. Many luminaires are now being packaged with onboard sensors and wireless networked lighting control. This facilitates greater energy savings, flexibility and collection of data to optimize usage. Additionally, energy efficiency and wide dimming range are still key design considerations.

Design requirements

    Our residential lighting designs provide:

  • LED drivers, signal chain and wireless connectivity and embedded processing portfolios to build small footprint designs with low overall BOM cost.
  • Reference designs that demonstrate smart lighting with Bluetooth® low energy or Zigbee® connectivity.
  • Reference designs that demonstrate methods for achieving wide range dimming in PWM, shunt FET PWM and analog dimming methods.
  • Integrated ambient light sensors that enable daylight energy harvesting and constant lumen output resulting in higher energy efficiency.

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Technical documentation

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