Auro Technologies Auro-CODEC and Auro-Matic software
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Auro Technologies’ Auro-Engine includes their Auro-Codec and Auro-Matic elements for real time audio stream encoding and up mixing affording 3D audio user experiences. The Auro-Codec and Auro-Matic algorithms have been ported to select TI C6x DSPs.

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Auro Technologies Auro-CODEC software

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Auro Technologies Auro-Matic software

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TI Devices (3)

Part Number Name Product Family
66AK2G12  Multicore DSP+Arm, 1 Arm A15 cores, 1x C66x DSP core  Digital signal processors (DSP) 
OMAP-L137  C6747 DSP+Arm processor  Digital signal processors (DSP) 
TMS320C6747  C674x DSP- 456MHz, PBGA  Digital signal processors (DSP) 

Related Tools & Software

Hardware development (2)

Name Part Number Tool Type
66AK2Gx (K2G) audio daughter card  AUDK2G  Daughter card 
66AK2Gx 1GHz evaluation module  EVMK2GX  Development kit 

Software development (1)

Name Part Number Software Type
Processor SDK for 66AK2Gx Processors - Linux and TI-RTOS Support  PROCESSOR-SDK-K2G  Software development kit (SDK) 

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