66AK2Gx 1GHz evaluation module


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The EVMK2GX (also known as "K2G") 1GHz evaluation module (EVM) enables developers to immediately start evaluating the 66AK2Gx processor family, and to accelerate the development of audio, industrial motor control, smart grid protection and other high reliability, real-time compute intensive applications. Similar to existing KeyStone-based SoC devices, the 66AK2Gx enables both the DSP and Arm® cores to master all memory and peripherals in the system. This architecture facilitates maximum software flexibility where either DSP- or Arm-centric system designs can be achieved.

This EVM is supported by processor SDK for both Linux and TI-RTOS operating systems and features key peripherals such as USB, PCIe and Gigabit Ethernet. It includes a board management controller, SD card slot and on board XDS200 emulator for ease of software evaluation and debug. The K2G EVM also interconnects to an optional companion audio daughter card (AUDK2G) for audio applications.

  • 66AK2G12 C66x DSP+Arm Cortex-A15 processor at 1GHz
  • 2-GByte DDR3L with ECC
  • TPS65911A PMIC
  • Audio and serial expansion headers
  • Processor SDK Linux and TI-RTOS support

  • Circuit board
  • Quick start guide
  • Printed warranty notice
  • LCD bracket
  • Mini B to standard A type USB cable
  • Micro B to standard A type USB cable
  • USB adapters: USB micro A/B to A socket type adapter
  • Ethernet cable
  • Female to female RS-232 serial cable (cross cable)
  • Micro SD card 16GB
  • SD card reader
  • Packaging box and ESD bag
Not Included
  • Audio daughter card
  • Power supply

Arm-based processors
66AK2G12 High performance multicore DSP+Arm - 1x Arm A15 cores, 1x C66x DSP core


AND gates
SN74LVC1G08 1-ch, 2-input 1.65-V to 5.5-V 32 mA drive strength AND gate SN74LVC1G11 1-ch, 3-input 1.65-V to 5.5-V 32 mA drive strength AND gate


Audio CODECs
TLV320AIC3106 Low-power stereo CODEC with 10 inputs, 7 outputs, headphone amplifier and enhanced digital effects


Buck converters (integrated switch)
LM22675 4.5V to 42V, 1A SIMPLE SWITCHER® buck converter with precision enable TPS54429E 7V to 18V Input, 4.5A Synchronous Step-Down DCAP2 Mode Converter with Eco-Mode TPS54620 4.5-V to 17-V, 6-A synchronous SWIFT™ buck converter


Clock generators
CDCM6208 2:8 ultra-low power, low jitter clock generator


Direction-controlled voltage translators
SN74AVC1T45 Single-Bit Dual-Supply Bus Transceiver with Configurable Voltage-Level Shifting and 3-State Outputs SN74AVC2T245 Dual-Bit, 2-DIR pin Dual-Supply Bus Transceiver w/ Configurable Voltage Translation, 3-State Output SN74AVC4T245 Four-bit dual-supply bus transceiver with configurable voltage-level shifting SN74AVC8T245 8-Bit Dual-Supply Bus Transceiver with Configurable Voltage-Level Shifting and 3-State Outputs SN74AVCB164245 16-Bit Dual-Supply Bus Transceiver w/ Config. Xlation and 3-State Outputs


ESD protection diodes
TPD2E001 Dual 1.5-pF, 5.5-V, ±8-kV ESD protection diode with 1-nA max leakage & VCC pin for USB 2.0


HDMI, DisplayPort & MIPI ICs
TPD12S016 Value-line HDMI companion chip for Portable applications


Inverting buffers & drivers
SN74LVC1G04 Single 1.65-V to 5.5-V inverter


Linear & low-dropout (LDO) regulators
LP3985 150-mA, low-dropout voltage regulator with bypass & enable TLV707 200-mA, low-IQ, low-dropout voltage regulator with enable TPS717 150-mA, high-PSRR, low-IQ, low-dropout voltage regulator with enable TPS796 1-A, low-dropout voltage regulator with enable


Load switches
TPS22913 5.5-V, 2-A, 60-mΩ load switch with output discharge


Multi-channel ICs (PMICs)
TPS650006 2.25MHz Step-Down Converter with Dual LDOs & SVS Power Management IC (PMIC) TPS65911 Integrated Power Management IC (PMIC) with 4 DC/DCs, 9 LDOs and RTC


Noninverting buffers & drivers
SN74LVC1G07 Single 1.65-V to 5.5-V buffer with open-drain outputs


Power blocks
CSD87330Q3D 30-V, N channel synchronous buck NexFET™ power MOSFET, SON 3 mm x 3 mm power block, 20 A


Precision DACs (≤10 MSPS)
DAC8550 16-Bit, Ultralow Glitch Voltage Output DAC


Series voltage references
REF5025 2.5-V, 3-µVpp/V noise, 3-ppm/°C drift precision series voltage reference


Supervisor & reset ICs
TPS3808 Low-quiescent current supervisor with programmable delay & manual reset


USB power switches & charging port controllers
TPS2051B 0.5A loading, 2.7-5.5V, 70mΩ USB power switch, active-high


eFuses & hot swap controllers
LM5060 5.5-V to 65-V high side protection controller
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66AK2Gx 1GHz evaluation module

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