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To get started evaluating MIOTY® protocol software with the LaunchPad SensorTag kit:

  1. Buy the MIOTY protocol software  (MIOTY-HW-BDL)
  2. Download the MIOTY demo software for the 868 and 915 MHz bands
  3. (Optional) If you don’t have a MIOTY gateway, buy a MIOTY gateway from the MIOTY store.
  4. Download the MIOTY® Demo Software Quick Start Guide

MIOTY technology is a new low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) solution, and is a true standardized technology based on ETSI 103 357. MIOTY achieves long range with Sub-1 GHz communication, and offers robust networks due to its innovative telegram splitting. It is also capable of scaling to thousands of devices on a single base station. Target applications are ultra-low power sensor devices, such as metering and environmental/industrial monitoring. These sensor devices can have a battery lifetime beyond 10 years in a MIOTY network.

Learn more about the MIOTY standard at www.mioty-alliance.com

Have more questions about mioty? Read our mioty frequently asked questions (FAQ).

What does TI provide to help designers?

Hardware platforms that support MIOTY standard:

  • CC1352R SimpleLink™ multi-band wireless MCU - The CC1352R product is a multiprotocol and multi-band Sub-1 GHz and 2.4-GHz wireless microcontroller (MCU) targeting Thread, Zigbee®, Bluetooth® 5 Low Energy, IEEE 802.15.4g, IPv6-enabled smart objects (6LoWPAN), proprietary systems, including the SimpleLink TI 15.4-Stack (Sub-1 GHz and 2.4 GHz), and concurrent multiprotocol through a Dynamic Multiprotocol Manager (DMM) driver.
  • CC1352P SimpleLink™ multi-band wireless MCU - The SimpleLink™ CC1352P device is a multiprotocol and multi-band Sub-1 GHz and 2.4-GHz wireless microcontroller (MCU) supporting Thread, Zigbee®, Bluetooth® 5.2 Low Energy, IEEE 802.15.4g, IPv6-enabled smart objects (6LoWPAN), MIOTY®, Wi-SUN®, proprietary systems, including the TI 15.4-Stack (Sub-1 GHz and 2.4 GHz), and concurrent multiprotocol through a Dynamic Multiprotocol Manager (DMM) driver. In addition, enablement of long-range and low-power applications using the integrated +20 dBm high-power amplifier with best-in-class transmit current consumption at 63 mA for Sub-1 GHz and 85 mA for 2.4 GHz operation.
  • CC1312R SimpleLink sub-1 GHz wireless MCU - The CC1312R product is a multiprotocol Sub-1 GHz wireless microcontroller (MCU) targeting IEEE 802.15.4g, IPv6-enabled smart objects (6LoWPAN), proprietary systems, including the SimpleLink TI 15.4-Stack (Sub-1 GHz). The product is optimized for low-power wireless communication and advanced sensing in building security systems, HVAC, smart meters, and medical markets.
  • CC1310 SimpleLink sub-1 GHz ultra-low power wireless MCU - Achieve long range with over 10 years of battery life on a coin cell battery. The CC1310 product is an ultra-low power Sub-1 GHz wireless MCU with an Arm® Cortex-M3 application core, an Arm Cortex-M0 for radio functions, and a proprietary 16-bit sensor controller core for ultra-low power operation.
  • RadioCrafts - RadioCrafts offer compact radio modules with the full MIOTY stack, ready to be integrated into end-products. The modules, based on the TI SimpleLink CCXXX wireless MCU, can be used as MIOTY radio modems (UART interface with AT-commands), or even run the full application code (software API). The modules are supported by Development Kits that out-of-the-box can be used in prototypes and proof-of-concept to transmit your own application data to a MIOTY Gateway

Software solutions for MIOTY:

  • MIOTY protocol software application binary - The MIOTY protocol software from TI is using the SimpleLink multi-band SimpleLink multi band CC1352R wireless MCU Launchpad™ SensorTag kit (LPSTK-CC1352R) to showcase MIOTY connectivity. The MIOTY protocol software includes demo software from TI, which measures sensor data and transmits the data to a MIOTY gateway. The TI LaunchPad SensorTag kit includes four on-board ultra-low power sensors: temperature and humidity, hall effect, accelerometer and ambient light.
  • MIOTY protocol stack from Stackforce GmbH - For customers who want to shorten their development cycle and develop MIOTY networks, TI has partnered with Stackforce who provides a production ready MIOTY stack for MIOTY development. This is a full software solution based on the SimpleLink wireless MCU ecosystem, supporting the SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz and dual-band wireless MCUs.
  • MIOTY-LPSTK  - The Mioty protocol LaunchPad™ SensorTag kit for 868 and 915 MHz demo applications. Ready to use demo application for the TI LPSTK (CC1352R) running the mioty sub 1 GHz stack in parallel with a Bluetooth LE 5.2 stack leveraging TI's Dynamic Multiprotocol Manager (DMM). Readout and transmission of LPSTK's sensor data (temperature, humidity, battery) via the long range protocol mioty. BLE-to-mioty and mioty-to-BLE bridge mode. CLI/UART interface for direct access to the mioty stack's configuration, to specify custom payloads and receive bidirectional messages.
  • MIOTY-STACK - mioty stack for TI CC1352R, CC1352P and CC1312 mioty stack library (libmioty), compliant with ETSI TS 103357 standard. Dynamic support of the different chipsets, open stack API and prebuild regional profiles (EU1, EU2, US0). Advanced features like over the air attach, variable payload sizes, standard and wide bandwidth mode and dynamic switching between regional profiles. Mioty Code Composer Studio (CCS) demo project.

  • Sensor application image for MIOTY stack with uplink support

  • Important note

    A MIOTY gateway has to be acquired through a third-party as the MIOTY hardware bundle (MIOTY-HW-BDL) does not contain a gateway. Visit the MIOTY store to purchase a gateway.


    Application software & framework

    MIOTY-DEMO-SW MIOTY protocol software application binary for 868 MHz for LPSTK-CC1352R demo

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    Supported products & hardware

    Supported products & hardware

    Multi-protocol products
    CC1352R SimpleLink™ 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4F multiprotocol Sub-1 GHz & 2.4 GHz wireless MCU with 352kB Flash
    Sub-1 GHz products
    CC1310 SimpleLink™ 32-bit Arm Cortex-M3 Sub-1 GHz wireless MCU with 128kB Flash
    Wi-SUN products
    CC1312R SimpleLink™ 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4F Sub-1 GHz wireless MCU with 352kB Flash
    Evaluation board
    LAUNCHXL-CC1310 SimpleLink™ Sub-1 GHz CC1310 wireless MCU LaunchPad™ development kit LPSTK-CC1352R SimpleLink™ multi band CC1352R wireless MCU Launchpad™ SensorTag kit
    Development kit
    LAUNCHXL-CC1312R1 SimpleLink™ Sub-1 GHz CC1312R Wireless Microcontroller (MCU) LaunchPad™ Development Kit LAUNCHXL-CC1352R1 SimpleLink™ Multi-Band CC1352R Wireless MCU LaunchPad™ Development Kit

    Technical documentation

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