Radiocrafts embedded radio modules
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Radiocrafts’ standard RF modules provide compact, easy-to-use, low cost, low power and high-performance RF solutions for a large number of wireless applications using license-free ISM bands (169 MHz – 2.4 GHz). Using modules, OEM manufacturers without RF design knowledge can easily add wireless technology into their design, reducing time-to-market, cost of design, test and compliance approvals. You can read more about the benefits of using a module here. All Radiocrafts modules are based on TI chipsets. Radiocrafts also offers custom and application specific product development, supporting customers from initial project ideas to volume product delivery.

Radiocrafts’ modules support the following technologies:

  • Wireless M-Bus
  • Mioty
  • RIIM 6LowPAN IP Mesh
  • RIIoT IEEE 802.15.4
  • RC232 – Proprietary Point-to-Point
  • Tinymesh – Proprietary Mesh
  • ZNM
  • KNX
  • Customizable

Radiocrafts recommends you buy a development kit in your evaluation phase of our RF modules as the development kit allows you to quickly and easily create a wireless link or network where you can make a good analysis of the network performance. You can find Radiocrafts RF modules here.

Radiocrafts is a leading RF module and network solution provider. Radiocrafts strives to make modules that are easy to use, require low R&D investments, and are proven in quality by providing extensive, high quality documentation, world class technical support, and a global distribution network. An RF module from Radiocrafts is always pre-certified, fully RF tested during production, and ready to go as soon as you buy it, for a fast to market, proven quality experience.

Radiocrafts is a member of TI’s Third-Party Module network and is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. 

To learn more about Radiocrafts, you can visit our website:

  • 12.7 x 25.4 x 3.7 mm compact shielded module for SMD mounting
  • 169 MHz – 2.4 GHz frequency bands
  • Pre-certified for global operation
  • Supporting software and development tools available
  • Extensive, high quality support documentation
  • Reduce time-to-market and cost of design
  • Turn-key design and customization of modules

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Radiocrafts Embedded radio modules

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TI Devices (13)

Part Number Name Product Family
CC1020  Single-chip FSK/OOK CMOS wireless transceiver for Narrowband apps in 402-470 and 804-940 MHz range  Wireless connectivity 
CC1120  High performance Sub-1 GHz wireless transceiver for narrowband systems  Wireless connectivity 
CC1125  Ultra-high performance Sub-1 GHz wireless transceiver for narrowband systems  Wireless connectivity 
CC1190  850 - 950MHz RF front end  Wireless connectivity 
CC1200  Low power and high performance wireless transceiver  Wireless connectivity 
CC1310  SimpleLink™ 32-bit Arm Cortex-M3 Sub-1 GHz wireless MCU with 128kB Flash  Wireless connectivity 
CC1312R  SimpleLink™ 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4F Sub-1 GHz wireless MCU with 352kB Flash  Wireless connectivity 
CC1350  SimpleLink™ 32-bit Arm Cortex-M3 multiprotocol Sub-1 GHz & 2.4 GHz wireless MCU with 128kB Flash  Wireless connectivity 
CC1352R  SimpleLink™ 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4F multiprotocol Sub-1 GHz & 2.4 GHz wireless MCU with 352kB Flash  Wireless connectivity 
CC2510  2.4 GHz Radio Transceiver, 8051 MCU, and 16KB or 32 KB Memory  Wireless connectivity 
CC2530  Zigbee and IEEE 802.15.4 wireless MCU with 256kB Flash and 8kB RAM  Wireless connectivity 
CC2591  2.4 GHz range extender  Wireless connectivity 
CC2592  2.4 GHz range extender with up to +22 dBm output power  Wireless connectivity 

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