Capacitor Bank Control and HMI Subsystem Reference Design for Automatic Power Factor Controller


Design files


This reference design demonstrates the working of various functional blocks of an automatic power factor controller (PFC) used in MV/LV electrical distribution. This includes accurate measurement and computation of voltages, currents, power and power factor, display of measured parameters using four-digit seven-segment display, alarms and status indication using LEDs, switching outputs for driving contactor or thyristor for switching capacitor banks and monitoring of local and remote temperature using a breadth of products from our portfolio.

  • Accurate measurement of 3-Φ voltage, current (simultaneous sampling), power, power factor accuracy < 0.5% achieved using 24-b ΔΣ ADC
  • Seven segment (SS) LED – two constant current drivers are cascaded to drive four digit SS LED display with decimal point
  • Relay/ transistor output switching – options for controlling contactor and thyristor is provided.
    • 3 channels (expandable to 7) is dedicated for controlling relay output (contactors)
    • 2 channels (expandable to 4) with isolation for controlling transistor output (thyristors)
  • Status indication – 16 LEDs are controlled using a constant-current LED sink driver.
  • Sensors for temperature and light sensing are included.

Design files & products

Design files

Download ready-to-use system files to speed your design process.

TIDUB67A.PDF (1974 K)

Reference design overview and verified performance test data


Detailed schematic diagram for design layout and components


Complete listing of design components, reference designators, and manufacturers/part numbers


Detailed overview of design layout for component placement

TIDRJL4.ZIP (3061 K)

Files used for 3D models or 2D drawings of IC components

TIDCBM4.ZIP (1101 K)

Design file that contains information on physical board layer of design PCB

TIDRJL3.PDF (2341 K)

PCB layer plot file used for generating PCB design layout


Includes TI products in the design and potential alternatives.

MSP430 microcontrollers

MSP430F67791APolyphase metering SoC with 7 Sigma-Delta ADCs, LCD, real-time clock, 512KB Flash, 32KB RAM

Data sheet document-pdfAcrobat PDF open-in-new HTML
Ambient light sensors

OPT3001Digital ambient light sensor (ALS) with high-precision human-eye response

Data sheet document-pdfAcrobat PDF open-in-new HTML
Digital isolators

ISO7340CLow-power, quad-channel, 4/0, 25-Mbps digital isolator

Data sheet document-pdfAcrobat PDF open-in-new HTML
Digital temperature sensors

TMP4511.7-V remote and local temperature sensor with N-factor, filtering and series-R correction

Data sheet document-pdfAcrobat PDF open-in-new HTML
LED display drivers

TLC59025Low-power 16-channel constant-current LED sink driver with 3.0-5.5V supply voltage

Data sheet document-pdfAcrobat PDF open-in-new HTML
LED display drivers

TLC59168-bit constant-current LED sink driver

Data sheet document-pdfAcrobat PDF open-in-new HTML
Linear & low-dropout (LDO) regulators

TPS7A410150-mA, 50-V, low-IQ, adjustable low-dropout voltage regulator with enable

Data sheet document-pdfAcrobat PDF open-in-new HTML
Low-side switches

TPL7407L40-V, 7-ch NMOS array low-side driver

Data sheet document-pdfAcrobat PDF open-in-new HTML
Stepper motor drivers

DRV880360-V, 2.3-A, quad low-side motor driver with PWM control

Data sheet document-pdfAcrobat PDF open-in-new HTML

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* Design guide Capacitor Bank Control & HMI with Power Factor Controller Relay Design Guide (Rev. A) Mar. 09, 2016
Application note Differences Between MSP430F67xx and MSP430F67xxA Devices (Rev. A) Jan. 13, 2020

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