ViALUX ALP-4.1 Controller Software Suite for DLPLCRC410 Evaluation Module
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ViALUX’ ALP-4.1 is an accessory software package compatible with the DLPLCRC410 evaluation module from Texas Instruments. It supports the built-in hardware components and contains the corresponding driver and controller firmware as well as ViALUX’ FPGA logic design for the EVM board. The ALP-4.1 controller suite supports all DMDs that use the DLPC410 controller: DLP7000, DLP7000UV, DLP9500, DLP9500UV and DLP650LNIR.  

Refresh rate supported

  • XGA: 22 727 Hz
  • 1080p: 10 752 Hz
  • WXGA:  10  752 Hz
Vialux also offers hardware development kits compatible with this software package. Refer to the ordering links below for a full list of product options.  

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Controller Suite ALP-4.1

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TI Devices (8)

Part Number Name Product Family
DLP650LNIR  DLP 0.65 NIR WXGA S450 DMD  Advanced light-control chipsets 
DLP7000  DLP® 0.7 XGA 2xLVDS Type-A DMD  Advanced light-control chipsets 
DLP7000UV  DLP® 0.7XGA 2xLVDS UV Type-A DMD  Advanced light-control chipsets 
DLP9500  DLP® 0.95 1080p 2xLVDS Type-A DMD  Advanced light-control chipsets 
DLP9500UV  DLP® 0.95 1080p 2xLVDS UV Type-A DMD  Advanced light-control chipsets 
DLPA200  DMD Micromirror Driver  Advanced light-control chipsets 
DLPC410  Digital Controller for Discovery 4100 chipset  Advanced light-control chipsets 
DLPR410  PROM for Discovery 4100 chipset  Advanced light-control chipsets 

Related Tools & Software

Hardware development (5)

Name Part Number Tool Type
DLP650LNIR DMD evaluation module  DLPLCR65NEVM  Evaluation board 
DLP7000 DMD evaluation board  DLPLCR70EVM  Evaluation board 
DLP7000UV DMD evaluation board  DLPLCR70UVEVM  Evaluation board 
DLP9500 DMD evaluation board  DLPLCR95EVM  Evaluation board 
DLP9500UV DMD evaluation board  DLPLCR95UVEVM  Evaluation board 

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