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Processor SDK Linux for AM62x

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Latest version
Release date: 17 Jul 2023

Processor SDK LINUX AM62x - Linux Installer for sources, pre-built binaries and file system images generated using Yocto build environment

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Processor SDK LINUX AM62x Yocto - SD card image

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Processor SDK LINUX AM62xx-LP Yocto - SD card image

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Processor SDK LINUX AM62x Jailhouse - SD card image

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Processor SDK LINUX AM62x Debian Bookworm - SD card image

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Get access to latest bug fixes and feature enhancements with Yocto build environment

Arm-based processors
AM623 Internet of Things (IoT) and gateway SoC with Arm® Cortex®-A53-based object and gesture recognition AM625 Human-machine-interaction SoC with Arm® Cortex®-A53-based edge AI and full-HD dual display
Hardware development
Evaluation board
SK-AM62 AM62x starter kit for Sitara™ processors


Quick Start Guide for the AM62x Starter Kit (SK) board

Yocto SDK user manual for developers

Instructions to build Linux image for AM62x Starter Kit (SK) using Yocto build environment

Debian SDK manual for developers with build instructions

Learn how to build embedded Linux systems using AM62x processors

Build Sheet of supported features for AM62X

Processor SDK AM62x for Yocto Linux - Software manifest

Processor SDK AM62x for Debian Linux - Software manifest

Release Information

Thank you for your interest in PROCESSOR SDK LINUX AM62X Software Development Kit (SDK). This SDK is a Linux only package. The Processor SDK is a unified software platform for TI embedded processors providing easy setup and fast out-of-the-box access to benchmarks and demos. All releases of Processor SDK are consistent across TI’s broad portfolio, allowing developers to seamlessly reuse and develop software across devices.

This release adds support for High Security - Field Securable (HS-FS) devices. For more information, please see the Migration Guide.

TI Linux CI/CD Snapshot

AM62x Snapshot

In order to improve access to the very latest bug fixes and feature enhancements, TI is enabling Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) for AM62x processors. The patches for these changes have always been available on public repositories hosted on, and these source repositories could be built using the Yocto build environment on a daily basis. The new TI Linux CI/CD Snapshot makes it even easier to consume these changes with pre-built binaries of Linux boot images to try out on TI Evaluation Modules (EVMs and SKs) before migrating or picking the patches. A detailed test report is also published to help users understand the status of the build and features being validated. The Linux boot images from a snapshot can be regenerated using sources by following the build instructions provided on the snapshot page.

The daily snapshot is not a replacement for the official Processors SDK releases which have full documentation, training and support. The snapshot is a new easy way to try bug fixes and feature enhancements planned for the next SDK while enabling much more tighter integration with customizations and application development. This improved integration should allow users to release their customized code built  on the SDKs more quickly and confidently.

What's new

  • Linux embedded software support
  • Long-term Stable (LTS) Linux kernel v6.1 support
  • Board support package
  • Yocto Kirkstone (LTS) based build environment and filesystem
  • Debian distribution and pre-built deb packages
  • Linux based Jailhouse hypervisor
  • Bootloaders with pre-intergrated early splash screen
  • Support for High Security - Field Scalable and Security Enforced and General Purpose (GP) devices
  • Support for Low Power Mode on General Purpose (GP) and High Security (HS) devices