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The LM27402 evaluation board represents a 20A typical application circuit. The application circuit is optimized for an input voltage of 12V. However, input voltage feed-forward technology allows the evaluation board to operate up to 20V while maintaining a stable output voltage of 1.5V at 20A. Temperature compensated inductor DCR current limit circuitry provides a steady current limit setpoint. Extra MOSFET and input/output capacitor footprints are included to accommodate higher currents if desired. An externally set soft-start time of 10 ms provides a controlled monotonic startup. The LM27402 evaluation board also supports pre-biased startup and provides a tracking connection for power supply sequencing. An external clock can be applied to change the switching frequency through an on board synchronization connection. PGOOD is externally pulled up to VDD and can be monitored via an on board terminal. Two extra terminals are included to provided a network analyzer connection for control loop stability analysis. The PCB measures 1.3? x 1.8? and includes input/output banana connectors for the input supply and load.

AC/DC と DC/DC の各コントローラ (外部 FET)
LM27402 DCR 電流センシング機能搭載、3V ~ 20V、電圧モード同期整流降圧コントローラ
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LM27402SQEVAL/NOPB — LM27402 Evaluation Board

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* ユーザー・ガイド LM27402 Buck Controller Evaluation Module User's Guide (Rev. C) PDF | HTML 2022年 1月 10日
証明書 LM27402SQEVAL EU RoHS Declaration of Conformity (DoC) (Rev. A) 2022年 3月 8日


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