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Overview for NFC / RFID

The industry’s most differentiated NFC and RFID product portfolios

We provide one of the industry’s most differentiated NFC and RFID product portfolios and is your solution to meet a broad range of NFC connectivity and RFID identification needs. Our products enable the lowest power solutions to simplify pairing, digital content exchange, identification, battery-less sensor measurements and electronic device connection for medical, automotive, consumer and industrial applications. We offer one-stop-shopping for transponders, inlays, reader modules and transceivers.

NFC transceiver IC

NFC device supporting all three operating modes: reader/writer, peer-to-peer or card emulation

Interface transponder IC

NFC enabled transponder with serial interface to connect to a microcontroller

Sensor transponder IC

NFC enabled sensor transponder with programmable microcontroller, serial interface and A/D converter designed to interface with multiple sensors

Reader/writer IC

Reader/writer IC for reading data from and writing data to LF HDX and FDX transponders, supporting also wireless power charging

Reader/writer module

Turnkey RFID reader module solution to simplify and accelerate the design and development process


Ready-to-use glass encapsulated mini-transponders for harsh condition including liquid environments

Industrial applications

HVAC Gateway solution

Secure IoT Gateway reference design for Bluetooth® Low Energy, Wi-Fi® and Sub-1 GHz nodes

Electronic smart lock solution

NFC and RFID ultra-low-power card detection

Actuator solution

Dynamic near field communication (NFC) type 4B tag

Pressure transmitter solution

NFC configuration & logging interface

Electricity meter solution

Near field communication (NFC) reader/writer

AC charging (pile) station solution

NFC authentication for an EV charging station (Pile) reference design

NFC / RFID videos