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Wi-SUN® wireless MCUs & transceivers

Resilient and interoperable standards-based Sub-1 GHz mesh solution for global frequency bands

Within smart grid and smart city applications, a long-range, reliable mesh topology is critical when creating a robust wide area network that is more immune to interference than other topologies. A self-healing mesh network provides added network redundancy and makes adding new nodes to the system easier. Our Wi-SUN® solutions include transceivers and wireless MCUs that enable low-power, cost-effective communication for large-scale outdoor networks with thousands of nodes. 

Standards-based connectivity

Wi-SUN is an open-standard protocol (IEEE 802.15.4g) driving unification in the market.  We are an active Wi-SUN Alliance member, providing interoperable solutions, royalty-free software and standards-based multi-layer security.

Long-range global deployment

Leverage our Wi-SUN software to implement a mesh network with frequency hopping that globally supports 868-MHz and 915-MHz ISM frequency bands to easily certify and deploy your end product.

Grid infrastructure & more

The Wi-SUN protocol is suitable for applications that require high data throughput, high node counts and self-healing mesh capabilities such as connected smart meters, smart cities and smart street lighting.

Featured Wi-SUN® products 


A Sub-1 GHz wireless MCU with best in-class RF performance with RX sensitivity equaling -110 dBm at 50 kbps. It works best as a Wi-SUN network processor that communicates with a host MCU.


A wireless MCU with an integrated, highly efficient +20-dBM power amplifier (PA) for ultra-low power, extended range and improved link budget that can help amplify your Wi-SUN application.


A low-power, high-performance RF transceiver with excellent receiver sensitivity with -109 dBm at 50 kbps that you can add to a host MCU for your Wi-SUN application.