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Comparators for every need

High speed

Low-time-to-response starting at 700ps and with support for various output types

Low power

Power efficiency for all applications, including battery systems, with very low maximum consumption of 150nA

High voltage

Robust, high-voltage and fast response time comparators from 0.9V to 36V

Small size

High performance comparators in tiny packages, as small as 0.8mm x 0.8mm

Automotive certified

AEC-Q100 Grade 0 and Grade 1 certified comparators

Browse comparator reference designs by application

Tough, reliable comparators suitable for automotive applications

Comparators with flexible output types and wide voltage ranges for a variety of industrial applications

Low power, fast-response-time comparators for limited PCB space

Precise, fast comparators designed for long-term reliability and durability

Featured comparators


AEC-Q100 Grade 0 and Grade 1 high-voltage dual differential comparator


Industry’s smallest comparator available in a .7mm x .7mm WCSP package


Q100, 36-V micro-power comparator with RRI and low 300-uV input offset voltage

Featured reference designs

Automotive 60W Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Drive

A BLDC motor controller designed to operate from a single 12V (nominal) power supply, which can vary over a wide range of voltages, as found in typical automotive applications

CISPR25-Tested Automotive Tail Light

Automotive LED tail light application (tail/stop, turn, reverse) highlighting potential cost savings and efficiency (power dissipation, system thermals)

Industrial Servo Drive and AC Inverter Drive

Complete industrial drive directly connecting to a three phase ACI or PMSM motor, with combined control, power, and communications technologies that can be used to create many drive topologies

Technical resources

Learn about the functionality of analog comparators, their key ac and dc specifications and the fundamentals of comparator applications

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