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TI pioneered RF-sampling ADCs, allowing direct conversion of RF signals.

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Resolve more details with the highest-performance ADCs in the industry.

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Sample rate

Industry's fastest ADCs in pin-compatible families to cover all your needs.

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Shrink your designs with higher-density IC and packaging solutions.

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Low power

Optimize for battery-powered applications without compromizing on high-performance.

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Cost optimized

Attain an excellent price-to-performance ratio for cost-conscious systems.

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High-speed ADC innovation


Industry's fastest 8-bit, dual 3.2-GSPS or single 6.4-GSPS, RF-sampling analog-to-digital converter (ADC)


Dual-channel, 14-bit, 2.6-GSPS RF-sampling analog-to-digital converter (ADC)


Quad-channel, 14-bit, 500-MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC)

Featured TI Designs reference designs

Direct RF-sampling radar receiver for L-, S-, C- and X-Band

Multi-node synchronization that provides accurate, time-stable synchronization for systems including large-scale phased-array radars, digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs) and 5G wireless testers.

1-GHz signal bandwidth RF-sampling receiver

3-GSPS, RF-sampling ADC solution for capturing signal bandwidths of 1 GHz and larger with low noise and high dynamic range, and with a low-phase-noise clock.

160-MHz bandwidth wireless signal tester

If subsystem for a standard wireless signal tester with an active balun-amplifier, LC bandpass filter, 16-bit ADC, and clock cleaner and generator PLL.

Technical resources

High-Speed Signal Chain University

Online training series covering topics such as RF-sampling, JESD204B and more.

RF Sampling Learning Center

Learn about RF-sampling design, browse technical resources and find products.

High-speed ADCs tools

Find high-speed data capture cards and solution boards to speed your design.