Microcontrollers (MCU)

MSP430™ value line & general purpose microcontrollers

Low-cost, ultra-low-power MCUs for simple sensing and measurement applications

MSP430™ Value Line and General Purpose microcontrollers are low-cost, ultra-low-power MCUs for sensing and measurement applications. The family offers a wide range of FRAM non-volatile memory options from 0.5KB to 256KB and analog and digital peripherals including ADCs, DACs, Op Amps, LCD drivers, AES and more. 

Broad, scalable MCU portfolio

  • 0.5KB to 256KB non-volatile memory
  • Peripherals: ADC, DAC, Op Amp, AES, COMP, LCD
  • 16 to 100 pins, wide range of packages

New MSP430FR2355 with configurable analog

  • 4 smart analog combos (DAC & PGA) with ADC & COMPs
  • 105ºC extended temperature range
  • 32KB of FRAM with 24MHz operation
  • 4mm x 4mm small size package for compact designs

Broad, scalable MCU portfolio

MSP430 value line and general purpose MCUs that provide low-cost options with integrated analog and digital peripherals to further reduce your system cost in sensing and measurement applications. This family of MSP430 MCUs offers:

  • A broad, scalable portfolio ranging from 0.5KB to 256KB of memory in a variety of packages ranging from tiny 2mm x 2mm DSBGA to 100-pin LQFP options
  • Integrated peripherals including a 10- or 12-bit ADC, 12-bit DAC, transimpedance amplifier, op amps, comparator, LCD driver, AES module, DMA controller and more
  • Low-cost options to add intelligence to simple system-level functions
  • Fast development through the LaunchPad™ development kit ecosystem with free software and code examples as well as training, technical content and online support through our E2E™ support forums





Segment LCD
Up to 256-segment LCD driver
Up to 320-segment LCD driver
Up to 32KB
Up to 16KB
Up to 256KB
Up to 128KB
Package options 16 to 64 pin TSSOP, VQFN, LQFP and DSBGA packages 48 to 64 pin TSSOP and LQFP packages 24 to 100 pin TSSOP, VQFN, BGA, LQFP and DSBGA packages 56 to 100 pin TSSOP,VQFN, and LQFP packages
Peripheral integration

10- or 12-bit ADC

12-bit DACs

Programmable amplifiers (PGAs)


Transimpedance amplifier

Operational amplifiers

IR modulation logic

10-bit ADC

IR modulation logic

10- or 12-bit ADC

256-bit AES accelerator



12-bit ADC

256-bit AES accelerator



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Get started with our newest products

MSP430FR2355 microcontrollers

MSP430FR2355 MCUs integrate four configurable signal-chain modules called smart analog combos, each of which can be used as a 12-bit DAC or a PGA to meet system needs. 

MSP430FR2355 LaunchPad development kit

The MSP-EXP430FR2355 LaunchPad kit is based on the MSP430FR2355 MCU with 32KB of memory, four configurable smart analog combo modules (12-bit DACs and PGAs), a 12-bit ADC and two comparators.

Temperature transmitter reference design

Low-component count, low-cost solution for 4- to 20-mA loop-powered, resistance-temperature detector (RTD), temperature transmitter. 

Smart analog combo

The Smart Analog Combo is a configurable analog peripheral that includes a high-performance, low-power programmable gain amplifier (PGA) with gain up to 33 and a 12-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC).

Smart analog combo block diagram

Benefits of smart analog combo

Reduced system size and cost

  • Up to four smart analog combo modules
  • Each module contains a 12-bit DAC, Op Amp and a programmable gain stage which can be configured to meet multiple signal chain implementations
  • Smaller PCB outline

Easy to use

  • Straightforward software configuration
  • Can be changed on the fly
  • LaunchPad™ development kit with out-of-box demo and GUI

A wide variety of applications including:

  • Smoke and heat detectors
  • Temperature transmitters
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Gas or air quality detectors

Transimpedance amplifier (TIA)

The integrated transimpedance amplifier (TIA) is a high-performance low-power rail-to-rail output operational amplifier (Op Amp) configured to convert current to voltage.  

Transimpedance Amplifier Diagram

Function replacement: 25 functions for 25 cents

Developers have the flexibility to customize common analog and digital system-level functions spanning timers, pulse width modulation (PWM), system and housekeeping and communication function. All functions have documentation and a code example for ease of use in your system.

LCD driver