2A Single Input I2C/Standalone Switch-Mode Li-Ion Battery Charger

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* Datasheet bq2425x 2A Single-Input I2C, Stand-Alone Switched-Mode Li-Ion Battery Charger With Power-Path Management datasheet (Rev. H) Aug. 20, 2015
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Application notes Using bq2425x’s DPM Feature for Solar Panel Applications Jul. 31, 2013
Application notes Selecting the Best bq2425x Single Cell I2C, Standalone Switch-Mode Battery Charg Jun. 17, 2013
Software bq24250EVM Software (Rev. A) May 30, 2013
User guides bq24257EVM-150, Single-Cell Li-Ion Switch-Mode Charger (Rev. A) Apr. 03, 2013
Software Thermal TS bq2425x Calculator Tool Mar. 14, 2013
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