RF & Microwave

RF & Microwave Overview

High performance, low power, highly integrated to meet any broadband RF system needs

RF Gain Block Amplifier

TI's gain block amplifiers provide signal gain, stability, small footprint, low power and features like integrated power down and NiPdAu package lead frame.

Downconverting Mixer

TI's down converting mixers offer the best combination of linearity, noise, frequency range, power consumption and footprint.

RF PLLs and Synthesizers

TI's RF PLLs and synthesizers deliver the best tuning range and resolution with the lowest phase noise.

IQ Modulator and Demodulator

TI's modulators and demodulators offer frequency conversion to and from low IF or baseband up to 6GHz on the RF port.

Analog Front End

TI's Analog Front Ends for RF provide integration of RF and mixed-signal data converters to reduce cost, power and system footprint.

RF Power Detector

TI's RF power detectors cover a wide frequency range and work with many wireless protocols in a small footprint with low power consumption.