Isolation Solutions

High voltage isolation for robust and reliable system operation

Digital Isolators & Digital Isolators + Power

Reinforced and basic isolators, including isolators with integrated power, to transmit bit streams up to 100 Mbps over the isolation barrier.

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Isolated Interface

Used to isolate the digital interface to the uC from the communication bus.

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Isolated Gate Drivers

Reinforced and basic isolated gate drivers used to efficiently charge MOSFET, IGBT, and SiCFET gates.

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Isolated ADC & Amplifiers

Isolated DS-modulators and isolated amplifiers used to isolate and monitor V/I parameters on high voltage nodes for control and metrology applications.

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What is isolation?

Isolation is a means of transporting data & power between a high voltage and a low voltage circuit while preventing hazardous DC or uncontrolled transient current from flowing in between the two. TI offers both Basic and Reinforced isolation.

  • Basic isolation: Regulation-based minimum isolation barrier strength provided by digital isolators or optocouplers. Safety standards state basic insulators must be supplemented with another basic-equivalent or supplemental passive barrier to protect any human-machine interface in the case of failures.
  • Reinforced isolation: Widely used in high-voltage systems because it combines the equivalent of double isolation into one barrier. The isolated sensing systems that reinforced isolation provides can reduce power consumption and increase efficiency due to their high-precision, and isolated front-ends optimized for power-consumption.

When to isolate?

Isolation is required to:

  • Protect from and safely withstand high voltage surges that would damage equipment or harm humans
  • Tolerate large ground potential differences and disruptive ground loops in circuits that have high energy or are separated by large distance
  • Communicate reliably with high side components in high-voltage motor/inverter drive systems, switches, and metrology applications

Companion products

Low-noise, push-pull transformer drivers used to drive low-profile, center-tapped transformers from 2.25V to 5V DC.

Small, low-cost isolated DC/DC controllers and converter enable smaller more efficient high-voltage power systems from 10 to 300W.

Use 1W/2W Isolated DC/DC Modules designed for signal chain, industrial control, and data acquisition applications where isolation is required for noise immunity and/or ground loop prevention.

Technical resources

Filmed in TI's high-voltage lab, this video series will focus on capacitive isolation structure, working voltage reliability, withstand voltage capability, methods for testing reliability, and more.

Complete board-and system-level reference design circuits to help you quickly evaluate and customize your system.


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