BQ24266 3A, 30V Standalone Single-Input, Single-Cell Switchmode Li-Ion Battery Charger |

This product is in the process of being discontinued. Customers may still purchase limited quantities by contacting their TI sales representative or authorized distributor. Please review TI’s obsolescence policy for details on placing final orders and receiving final shipments.
3A, 30V Standalone Single-Input, Single-Cell Switchmode Li-Ion Battery Charger


This product is being discontinued. Orders for life buy purchases are available.

Replaced By BQ25606 – The device has SIMILAR FUNCTIONALITY but is not functionally equivalent to the compared device.

TI does not recommend using this part in a new design.


The bq24266 is highly integrated single cell Li-Ion battery charger and system power path management devices that supports operation from either a USB port or wall adapter supply. The power path feature allows the bq24266 to power the system from a high efficiency DC to DC converter while simultaneously and independently charging the battery. The power path also permits the battery to supplement the system current requirements when the adapter cannot. To support USB OTG applications, the bq24266 is configurable to boost the battery voltage to 5V and supply up to 1A at the input. The battery is charged with three phases: precharge, constant current and constant voltage. Thermal regulation prevents the die temperature from exceeding 125°C. Additionally, a JEITA compatible battery pack thermistor monitoring input (TS) is included to prevent the battery from charging outside of its safe temperature range.


  • Charge Time Optimizer (Enhanced CC/CV
    Transition) for Faster Charging
  • Integrated FETs for Up to 3A Charge Rate at 5%
    Accuracy and 93% Peak Efficiency
  • Boost Capability to Supply 5V at 1A at IN for
    USB OTG Supply
  • Integrated Power Path MOSFET and optional
    BGATE control to Maximize Battery Life and
    Instantly Startup From a Deeply Discharged
    Battery or No Battery
  • 30V Input Rating with Over-Voltage Protection
    Supports 5V USB2.0/3.0 and 12V USB Power
  • Small Solution Size In a 4mm × 4mm QFN-24
  • Safe and Accurate Battery Management
    Functions Programmed Using IUSB and /CE
    • Input Current Limit and VIN_DPM Threshold
    • Thermal Regulation Protection for Input
      Current Control
    • Thermal Shutdown and Protection