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TAS5142 (ACTIVE) 100-W Stereo Digital Amplifier Power Stage

100-W Stereo Digital Amplifier Power Stage - TAS5142

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The TAS5142 is a third-generation, high-performance, integrated stereo digital amplifier power stage with an improved protection system. The TAS5142 is capable of driving a 4- bridge-tied load (BTL) at up to 100 W per channel with low integrated noise at the output, low THD+N performance, and low idle power dissipation.

A low-cost, high-fidelity audio system can be built using a TI chipset, comprising a modulator (e.g., TAS5508) and the TAS5142. This system only requires a simple passive LC demodulation filter to deliver high-quality, high-efficiency audio amplification with proven EMI compliance. This device requires two power supplies, at 12 V for GVDD and VDD, and at 32 V for PVDD. The TAS5142 does not require power-up sequencing due to internal power-on reset. The efficiency of this digital amplifier is greater than 90% into 6 , which enables the use of smaller power supplies and heatsinks.

The TAS5142 has an innovative protection system integrated on-chip, safeguarding the device against a wide range of fault conditions that could damage the system. These safeguards are short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection, undervoltage protection, and overtemperature protection. The TAS5142 has a new proprietary current-limiting circuit that reduces the possibility of device shutdown during high-level music transients. A new programmable overcurrent detector allows the use of lower-cost inductors in the demodulation output filter.


  • 2×100 W at 10% THD+N Into 4- DKD, BTL(1)
  • 2×80 W at 10% THD+N Into 6- DKD, BTL
  • 2×65 W at 10% THD+N Into 8- DKD, BTL
  • 4×40 W at 10% THD+N Into 3- SE
  • 4×30 W at 10% THD+N Into 4- SE
  • 1×160 W at 10% THD+N Into 3- PBTL
  • 1×200 W at 10% THD+N Into 2- PBTL
  • >100 dB SNR (A-Weighted)
  • <0.1% THD+N at 1 W
  • Two Thermally Enhanced Package Options:
    • DKD (36-pin PSOP3)
    • DDV (44-pin HTSSOP)
  • High-Efficiency Power Stage (>90%) With 140-m Output MOSFETs
  • Power-On Reset for Protection on Power Up Without Any Power-Supply Sequencing
  • Integrated Self-Protection Circuits Including Undervoltage, Overtemperature, Overload, Short Circuit
  • Error Reporting
  • EMI Compliant When Used With Recommended System Design
  • Intelligent Gate Drive
    • Mini/Micro Audio System
    • DVD Receiver
    • Home Theater

(1) It is not recommended to drive 200 W (total power) into the DDV package continuously. For multichannel systems that require two channels to be driven at full power with the DDV package option, it is recommended to design the system so that the two channels are in two separate devices.
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