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TAS5612A (ACTIVE) 125 W Stereo/250W Mono PurePath™ HD Digital-Input Power Stage


Next Generation High Performance, High Resolution Class-D Amplifiers (Analog-In) Available

True Ultra-HD sound quality with a low THD+N <0.005% and a bandwidth of up to 100kHz

For output levels up to 115W Stereo / 230W Mono: TPA3245

For output levels up to 175W Stereo / 350W Mono: TPA3251


The TAS5612A is a high performance digital input Class D amplifier with integrated closed loop feedback technology (known as PurePath™ HD) with the ability to drive up to 125W Achievable output power levels are dependent on the thermal configuration of the target application. A high performance thermal interface material between the package exposed heatslug and the heat sink should be used to achieve high output power levels. Stereo into 4 to 8 Ω Speakers from a single 32.5V supply.

PurePath™ HD technology enables traditional AB-Amplifier performance (<0.03% THD) levels while providing the power efficiency of traditional class D amplifiers.

Unlike traditional Class D amplifiers, the distortion curve only increases once the output levels move into clipping.

PurePath™ HD technology enables lower idle losses making the device even more efficient.


  • PurePath™ HD Enabled Integrated Feedback Provides:
    • Signal Bandwidth up to 80kHz for High Frequency Content From HD Sources
    • Ultralow 0.03% THD at 1W into 4Ω
    • Ultralow 0.01% THD at 1W into 8Ω
    • Flat THD at all Frequencies for Natural Sound
    • 80dB PSRR (BTL, No Input Signal)
    • >100dB (A weighted) SNR
    • Click and Pop Free Startup
  • Pin compatible with TAS5631, TAS5616 and TAS5614
  • Multiple Configurations Possible on the Same PCB With Stuffing Options:
    • Mono Parallel Bridge Tied Load (PBTL)
    • Stereo Bridge Tied Load (BTL)
    • 2.1 Single Ended Stereo Pair and Bridge Tied Load Subwoofer
  • Total Output Power at 10%THD+N
    • 250W in Mono PBTL Configuration
    • 125W per Channel in Stereo BTL Configuration
  • Total Output Power in BTL configuration at 1%THD+N
    • 130W Stereo into 3Ω
    • 105W Stereo into 4Ω
    • 70W Stereo into 6Ω
    • 55W Stereo into 8Ω
  • >90% Efficient Power Stage With 60-mΩ Output MOSFETs
  • Self-Protection Design (Including Undervoltage, Overtemperature, Clipping,
    and Short-Circuit Protection) With Error Reporting
  • EMI Compliant When Used With Recommended System Design
  • Thermally Enhanced Package:
    • PHD (64-Pin QFP)
    • Home Theater Systems
    • AV Receivers
    • DVD/Blu-ray™ Disc Receivers
    • Mini Combo Systems
    • Active Speakers and Subwoofers

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