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8-Channel, Programmable T/R Switch for Ultrasound



The TX810 provides an integrated solution for a wide range of ultrasound applications. It is an 8 channel, current programmable, transmit/receive switch in a small 6mm × 6mm package.

The internal diodes limit the output voltage when high voltage transmitter signals are applied to the input. While the insertion loss of TX810 is minimized during receive mode.

Unlike conventional T/R switches, the TX810 contains a 3-bit interface used to program bias current from 7mA to 0mA for different performance and power requirements. When the TX810 bias current is set as 0mA (i.e., high-impedance mode), the device is configured as power-down mode. In the high-impedance mode, TX810 does not add additional load to high-voltage transmitters. In addition, the device can wake up from power-down mode in less than 1µs. With these advanced programmability features, significant power saving can be achieved in systems.


  • Compact T/R Switch for Ultrasound
  • Flexible Programmability
    • 8 Bias Current Settings
    • 8 Power/Performance Combinations
    • Easy Power-Up/Down control
  • Fast Wake Up Time
  • Dual Supply Operation
  • Optimized Insertion Loss
    • Medical Ultrasound
    • Industrial Ultrasound


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Part number Order Configuration Number of channels (#) Power supply type Vss (Max) (V) Vdd (Max) (V) Ron (Typ) (Ohms) Bandwidth (MHz) Rating Operating temperature range (C) Package Group Supply range (Max) Ron (Max) (Ohms) Input/output continuous current (Max) (mA) Supply current (Max) (uA) Features VIL (Max) (V) VIH (Min) (V)
TX810 Order now 1:1 SPST     1     Dual     -5     5     30     140     Catalog     0 to 70     VQFN | 36     10     62     15     50     Time-of-flight     0.4     2