Servo Drive Position Feedback

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Accurate and robust rotor position feedback is very important for precision positioning, fast transient performance and reliability of a servo drive. Typical industrial sensors used are encoders and resolvers. The servo drive position feedback interface connects to a position sensor. Depending on the sensor type, the interface can be analog or digital and needs to be designed for accurate, robust, high-speed and low latency data transmission with high EMC immunity. Often interfaces need to support multiple encoder protocols with a configurable output voltage to mitigate the different types of position feedback sensors. TI reference designs and solutions for servo drive position feedback help solve these system design challenges.

  • High data rate, low latency and robust interface solutions for incremental and absolute encoders such as EnDat2.2, BiSS and HIPERFACE DSL
  • High performance analog and highly integrated solutions for precision resolver and Sin/Cos encoder measurement
  • Efficient and low noise power solutions with protection features for position feedback systems
  • Robust industrial interface solutions that help meet and exceed IEC61800-3 EMC Immunity

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