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Position encoders are either with incremental or absolute position measurement and typically leverage optical or inductive/magnetic sensing with integrated semiconductor components for power management, analog signal conditioning and embedded signal processing and electrical interface. Either analog, digital, or a hybrid analog and digital electrical interface is used depending upon the encoder type and vendor with cable lengths of 100m and more. Our solutions for incremental as well as absolute position encoders can help:

  • Improve the position measurement accuracy
  • Minimize power dissipation inside the encoder case
  • Extend industrial temperature range
  • Realize EMC-compliant electrical interfaces with robust and reliable data transmission over cable lengths of up to 100m and more

Position encoder interface modules

Designing position encoder interface modules is becoming more complex.

  • They need to support multiple digital communication protocols like EnDat 2.2, BiSS and HIPERFACE DSL with backward compatibility to mixed analog and digital interfaces like EnDat 2.1 or HIPERFACE or pure analog interfaces like incremental Sin/Cos
  • The electrical interface needs to be designed for robust data transmission with high EMC immunity and programmable or configurable output voltage to mitigate the different supply voltage ranges of position encoders
  • Additional safety requirements may require short-circuit and over-current/over-voltage protection

Our reference designs, tools, software and broad portfolio of devices allows for absolute position encoders with pure digital interfaces utilizing RS-485/422-based serial communication standards like EnDat 2.2, BiSS and HIPERFACE DSL permitting bidirectional communication with high data rates and low latency for more precise control of motors, additional safety features as well as predictive maintenance for lesser or complete avoidance of shut-down time. Our solutions also aid in high common mode noise rejection and position measurement resolution vs. system cost for analog interface to Sin/Cos encoders.

TI reference designs are available and optimized for specified encoder interfaces as well as for multi-standard interfaces, such as an EMC compliant universal digital interface to absolute position encoders to shorten time to market.

Resolver Interfaces (Resolver-to-Digital Converter)

Resolvers are mechanical absolute angle sensors with no electronics built-in and especially well-suited for harsh industrial environments with high temperatures. Our reference designs, tools, products and software provide solutions for designing an EMC-compliant design with

  • Up to 7 Vrms output voltage and output current scalability with wide range 150mA, 400mA or higher to drive a wide range of resolvers
  • Low latency accurate angular position without velocity lag
  • Reduced system costs
  • Optimized resolution and bandwidth for improved performance
  • Higher level of diagnostics

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