Single & multiaxis servo drives

Design smaller, higher performance single and multiaxis servo drives with high EMC immunity

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Decentralized multi-axis motor control
Our industrial-grade analog and embedded processing products help you achieve smaller form factors with high-efficiency power conversion, more accurate current, lower latency, voltage and temperature sensing, and reliable high-voltage isolation. Enable more precise designs with fast position, speed and torque control. Add multiprotocol industrial communication with high electromagnetic compatibility and immunity for reliable operation in factory environments.

Why choose TI for your single and multiaxis servo drive designs?


Accurate and fast motor control

Achieve faster position, speed and current control with the precision required for your designs using our analog integrated circuit and real-time microcontrollers with dedicated control peripherals.


Real-time communication with low latency

Enable high electromagnetic compatibility immunity using our interface devices, and low latency for interprocessor and multiprotocol industrial communication with our integrated MCUs.


Achieve high reliability and functional safety compliance

Reduce the risk of unexpected hazards and increase reliability by designing in products with increased lifetimes and isolation ratings, while achieving functional safety compliance.

Engineering reliable single and multiaxis servo drive designs

Design high-bandwidth and high-precision closed-loop motor-control systems

Our single and multicore microcontrollers (MCUs) with integrated real-time motor-control peripherals, math accelerators, programmable real-time processors and configurable logic blocks enable:

  • Low latency and high bandwidth chip-to-chip interfaces.
  • Accurate fast position, speed and torque control.
  • Parallel execution of control, communication and predictive maintenance algorithms.
  • Less than 1-µs computing time for field-oriented or direct torque control to achieve high dynamic performance.
  • Single-chip MCU with integrated industrial communication and real-time control peripherals remove the need for an external field-programmable gate array.
Application note
AM243x/AM64x Single Chip Motor Control Benchmark
The AM243x/AM64x single chip servo drive demo in this application note, showcases the AM243x/AM64x devices' ability to support a fully integrated real-time servo drive control and communication path.
Application note
Real-Time Benchmarks Showcasing C2000™ Control MCU's Optimized Signal Chain (Rev. A)
This application note describes a real-time benchmark created around a real world control application that highlights the intricacies of real-time control and the need for this more comprehensive benchmarking approach.
White paper
Utilizing Sitara Processors and Microcontrollers for Industry 4.0 Servo Drives (Rev. C)
This article explores how Sitara microcontrollers (MCUs) and processors (MPUs) address servo drive market trends and new requirements of Industry 4.0 and smart factory systems.
Featured products for real-time control
AM2631 ACTIVE Single-core Arm® Cortex®-R5F MCU up to 400 MHz with real-time control and security
AM2431 ACTIVE Arm® Cortex®-R5F-based MCU with industrial communications and security up to 800 MHz
TMS320F28388D ACTIVE C2000™ 32-bit MCU w/ connectivity manager, 2x C28x+CLA CPU, 1.5-MB flash, FPU64, CLB, ENET, EtherCAT

Design efficient, reliable and small-form-factor power stages with precise current sensing

Explore how our gallium nitride field-effect transistor (FET) power modules, isolated and nonisolated insulated-gate bipolar transistor and silicon-carbide FET gate drivers, and 100-V integrated three-phase smart gate drivers help you achieve high-efficient, high-performance and small-form-factor centralized and motor integrated power stages for input voltages such as 48 VDC or AC inputs as high as 690 VAC.

Our low-latency isolated and nonisolated current-, voltage- and temperature-sensing products with extended temperature ranges help you achieve precise and high-bandwidth current control and advanced motor diagnostics for predictive maintenance.

IGBT & SiC Gate Driver Fundamentals
Read our ebook to learn more about IGBT and SiC power switch fundamentals to enable the world to do more with less power.
Isolated bias supply solutions for isolated gate drivers
The video introduces different ways of creating isolated bias supply, comparing different solutions based on control strategy, transformer construction and EMI performance.
Featured products for sensing and power conversion
AMC1306M05 ACTIVE ±50-mV input, precision current sensing reinforced isolated modulator
UCC21750 ACTIVE 5.7kVrms ±10A, single-channel isolated gate driver w/ DESAT & internal miller clamp for IGBT/SiCFETs
UCC28C54 ACTIVE Industrial, 30-V, low-power current-mode PWM controller, 14.5-V/9-V UVLO, 50% duty cycle

From multiprotocol Industrial Ethernet to Gigabit TSN

In smart factories, servo drives are used in conveyor belts, machines, tools and robots. These applications may require support from multiple real-time Ethernet protocols such as EtherCAT, Profinet Real Time/Isochronous Real Time, EtherNet/IP and, soon, gigabit Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN). Our Sitara™ microcontroller and microprocessors have multiprotocol capability built in, with additional resources for multiaxis motor control. 

Our Ethernet physical layers (PHYs) support a range of standard protocols, data rates and high electromagnetic compatibility immunity for implementation in harsh industrial environments. For closed systems such as robotics and machinery, 10-, 100- and 1-Gb single-pair Ethernet PHYs are available.

White paper
Utilizing Sitara Processors and Microcontrollers for Industry 4.0 Servo Drives (Rev. C)
This article explores how Sitara microcontrollers (MCUs) and processors (MPUs) address servo drive market trends and new requirements of Industry 4.0 and smart factory systems
Gigabit real-time Ethernet communication
This demo video highlights gigabit real-time Ethernet communication in sub 10us cycle time using Sitara MCU+ and MPU EVMs. One network controller and four network devices exchange input and output data every 4us. 
White paper
Time Sensitive Networking for Industrial Automation (Rev. C)
Read more about how using Sitara processors with integrated cut-through TSN hardware switches can accelerate the transition from 100 Mb to 1 Gb industrial Ethernet.
Featured products for industrial communication
DP83826E ACTIVE Low latency 10/100-Mbps PHY with MII interface and enhanced mode
AM2434 ACTIVE Quad-core Arm® Cortex®-R5F-based MCU with industrial communications and security up to 800 MHz
DP83869HM ACTIVE Extended temperature, high-immunity gigabit Ethernet PHY transceiver with copper & fiber interface

Meet the rigorous requirements of IEC 61800-5-2 and ISO 13849 functional safety standards

TI Functional Safety-Compliant products leverage Technischer Überwachungsverein (TÜV SÜD)-certified functional safety hardware and software development processes to help you achieve the performance and Safety Integrity Level that your motor-drive design requires, and to create safer and efficient environments.

Our integrated products and TÜV-assessed designs help you design smaller, smarter and more reliable safety functions, such as safe torque off.

Product overview
Industrial Functional Safety for C2000™ Real-Time Microcontrollers (Rev. D)
Streamline and speed-up IEC 61508 (SIL) and ISO13849 (PL) certification process with our Functional Safety-Compliant products, documentation, software and support from our knowledgeable experts.
Functional safety information
The state of functional safety in Industry 4.0
This white paper will focus on what functional safety means for processors in factory floor automation subsystems and explore some of the options to enable functional safety.
Functional safety information
Design Smaller Safe Torque Off (STO) Systems Using 3-Phase Smart Gate Drivers
This article discusses the requirements of STO, the market trend, existing solutions, and the approach of the small STO design using DRV8350F and DRV8353F.
Featured products for functional safety
TMS320F28388D ACTIVE C2000™ 32-bit MCU w/ connectivity manager, 2x C28x+CLA CPU, 1.5-MB flash, FPU64, CLB, ENET, EtherCAT
AM2432 ACTIVE Dual-core Arm® Cortex®-R5F-based MCU with industrial communications and security up to 800 MHz
TPS3704 ACTIVE Multichannel window supervisor with very-high accuracy and compact form factor

Meet IEC 61800-5-1 isolation requirements to enable more reliable motor drives with a long life span

Our isolation techniques include reliable capacitive silicon-dioxide insulation barriers and integrated circuit transformer-based magnetic isolation to help solve your design challenges.

  • Improve system performance and reliability: Our high-voltage certified isolated products offer low latency, excellent common-mode transient immunity and reliable performance.
  • Lower system cost: Our isolation technologies reduce bill of materials, lowering system cost and enabling significant solution size improvements.
  • Scalability: Our packaging innovations and globally-owned manufacturing footprint help bring functional, basic and reinforced isolation capabilities to more analog IC functions. 
Certificate of conformity with factory surveillance
For magnetic and capacitive coupler for reinforced isolation.
TI Precision Labs – Isolation
Develop your isolation expertise by learning essential isolation parameters, certifications and how to design and troubleshoot with each type of device.
White paper
Addressing High-Volt Design Challenges w/ Reliable and Affordable Isolation Tech (Rev. C)
This paper provides an overview of galvanic isolation, explains common isolation methods for high-voltage systems, and shows how our isolation devices can help designers meet isolation needs reliably while reducing size and cost.
Featured products for isolation
ISO6760 ACTIVE General purpose, 50-Mbps, six-channel (6/0) digital isolator
ISO7821LLS ACTIVE Dual-channel, 1/1, 150-Mbps, high-performance, reinforced isolated LVDS buffer
NEW ISOM8710 ACTIVE DC input, logic output, single-channel high-speed opto-emulator

Design accurate, low-latency and reliable position-feedback sensing systems

Our microcontrollers with dedicated on-chip peripherals support resolver-to-digital conversion; incremental and multiprotocol absolute encoders such as EnDat2.2, Tamagawa T-format, Bidirectional Interface for Serial/Synchronous-C and Hiperface DSL; and multiaxis position feedback with safety capabilities.


  • High-data-rate, low-latency and reliable RS-485 interface solutions meet and exceed  IEC 61800-3 EMC immunity.
  • Hall-effect and anisotropic magneto resistive position sensors with high accuracy and diagnostics for reliable system operation.
  • High-resolution analog front ends with low-latency data converters operate at a wide temperature range.
  • Small-footprint, high-efficiency and low-noise power-management solutions for compact designs.
White paper
Simplify the integration of position sensors for industrial drive control system (Rev. A)
In this whitepaper, learn more about intergrating position feedback and new position sensor interfacing capabilities.
Application note
Industrial Communication Protocols Supported on Sitara™ Processors (Rev. D)
This application report shows the industrial communication protocols supported by each of the devices in the Sitara™ MCU+ and Sitara Arm® Cortex®-A processor portfolio, as well as where and how to get these protocols.
Application brief
Incremental Rotary Encoders (Rev. B)
Incremental rotary encoders translate rotational movement into electrical signals for more precise control of automated systems. Learn more about the variety of technologies are available to enable incremental encoding.
Featured products for position feedback
THVD2450 ACTIVE ±70-V fault-protected 3.3-V to 5-V RS-485 transceiver with IEC ESD
ADS9224R ACTIVE 16-bit, 3-MSPS, dual-channel, simultaneous-sampling SAR ADC with internal reference and enhanced SPI
NEW TMAG6180-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive high-precision analog AMR angle sensor with 360° angle range

Design & development resources

Evaluation board
AM2x Brushless-DC (BLDC) Servo Motor BoosterPack

The AM2x BLDC Servo Motor BoosterPack plug-in module is an add-on for the AM2x LaunchPad development kits. This BoosterPack provides up to two axes of 24V/8A BLDC driver, ADC/SDFM current feedback, industrial absolute encoder, and resolver feedback. 

Software development kit (SDK)
AM243x software development kit (SDK) for Sitara™ microcontrollers

The AM243x microcontroller (MCU) software is a collection of software development kits (SDK) providing a software platform for TI embedded processors with easy setup and fast out-of-the-box access to examples, benchmarks and demonstrations. This software accelerates application development (...)

Software development kit (SDK)
MotorControl software development kit (SDK) for C2000™ MCUs

MotorControl SDK for C2000™ microcontrollers (MCU) is a cohesive set of software infrastructure, tools, and documentation designed to minimize C2000 real-time controller based motor control system development time targeted for various three-phase motor control applications. The software (...)

Reference designs related to Single & multiaxis servo drives

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.

Technical resources

Video series
Video series
Decentralized multiaxis motor control
Watch our video and move your real-time control closer to the action with our decentralized multiaxis servo drive architecture.
Implementing functional safety in motor drives
This video integrates four of our reference designs and demonstrates how the safe torque off (STO) and safe brake control (SBC) functions can be integrated in variable speed drives.
Technical article
Technical article
How to keep your motor running safely
The increase in the number of electric motors and concerns over power efficiency have driven designers to use higher-voltage motors and increase the effective power efficiency of their designs. Read more to learn how we can help.
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