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Reference Designs


LED lights are replacing fluorescent and HID lights due to their reduced power consumption and maintenance costs. LED bulb and tube retrofit IC solutions from TI provide resources to help you design more efficient LED lighting solutions. Resources include:

  • Reference designs
  • System block diagrams (SBDs)
  • White papers, application notes, and other technical resources

TI solutions help designers reduce time to market and quickly include innovative features such as energy harvesting, increased energy efficiency, reduced power consumption, and wireless connectivity in lighting systems.

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Application Notes (1)

Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
PDF 618 KB 22 Oct 2008 414

Selection and Solution Guides

Selection Guides (5)

Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
PDF 2.82 MB 28 Jun 2016 9502
PDF 5.8 MB 10 Jun 2016 45956
PDF 16.33 MB 17 Nov 2011 631
PDF 10.98 MB 11 Oct 2011 1697
PDF 6.52 MB 05 May 2010 939

Product Bulletin & White Papers

Product Bulletin (2)

Title Abstract Type Size (MB) Date Views
PDF 196 KB 18 May 2012 1229
PDF 541 KB 08 Sep 2008 685

White Papers (1)

Title Abstract Type Size (MB) Date Views
PDF 960 KB 21 Mar 2016 6884

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