Servo Drive Power Stage Module

Manufacturing Robotics Axis Motor Drives


A 100VAC to 690VAC servo drive power stage typically employs three half-bridges with IGBT or MOSFETs, while faster switching inverters already implement GaN FET or SiC FET power switches. The gate driver has a major impact on the efficiency, protection and reliability of the power stage. Accurate phase current and voltage sensing impact the servo drive performance. Shunt, hall-effect or flux-gate based current sensors are typically used and require accurate and low-drift current sense amplifiers, delta-sigma modulators or A/D converters. The power stage requires basic or reinforced isolation with high EMC immunity depending on the servo drive system voltage. TI reference designs and solutions for the servo drive power stage help solve these system design challenges.

  • Basic and reinforced capacitive isolation technology with industry leading CMTI, lowest propagation delay and high EMC immunity
  • Isolated and non-isolated gate driver with high CMTI, lowest propagation delay and built-in protection
  • Accurate current and voltage sensing with isolated precision delta-sigma modulators and amplifiers
  • Efficient isolated and non-isolated power supply solutions

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