Industrial Robot CPU Board

Robotics designs for the Automated Machinery Sector


Industrial robot CPU board reference designs from Texas Instruments show solutions for implementing different subsystems of a CPU Board for an industrial robot.

For embedded processing designs based on SitaraTM processors with superior processing performance are available. Sitara processors can run multiple industrial Ethernet protocols like PROFINET, POWERLINK, EtherCAT, SERCOS, EtherNet/IP or a proprietary communication protocol. Moreover, power designs for a variety of other processors and FPGAs are shown. TI offers designs usings its broad wireless product portfolio If wireless connectivity is needed. Furthermore, reference designs for power supplies, backup power, protection addressing the analog part of the CPU board are shown.

For more information on CPU Boards also look at: Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), DCS & PAC: CPU (PLC Controller)

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