Servo Drive Wired & Wireless Communication

Servo Drive Wired & Wireless Communication


Servo drive wired and wireless communication solutions address the increasing demand for industrial communication and enables Industry 4.0. There are many different industrial communication standards based on Ethernet like PROFINET and Ether CAT or RS485/CAN such as PROFIBUS or Device NET, that require deterministic, low latency and robust communication. Many industrial servo drives need to support multiple industrial interface standards. In next generation servo drives, wireless solutions such as BLE or Wi-Fi___33 are used for configuration through the operator's portable HMI or smart phone to allow easier access to the servo drive's parameters. All interfaces need to meet the IEC61800-3 EMC immunity requirements for robust communication in harsh industrial environment.

  • TI enables Industry 4.0 solutions with a broad range of high-speed, low latency wired and wireless solutions
  • Broad variety of isolated and non-isolated robust industry standard interface solutions based on Ethernet, RS-485, CAN, LVDS and more, as well as processors with software programmable multiprotocol industrial Ethernet and fieldbus solutions
  • Analog input/output solutions increase performance and reduce board space for industry standard analog I/O
  • To reduce time to market, TI offers solutions for all major wireless standards including support for antenna layout and protocol stack

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