Tablet: Multimedia

Tablet featuring power and battery management (1S/2S), audio touch screen control, and wireless connectivity.


Tablet: Multimedia

Tablet is a handheld electronic device which utilizes a touch screen or a stylus pen to access or process information that allow for greater mobility. Based on different market focuses and system requirements, it could be broken up into two main categories: consumer/multimedia tablet and enterprise tablet. This design is focused on the consumer/multimedia tablet and high end enterprise tablet that requires high definition video decoding; for TI enterprise tablet focused solution, please go to Enterprise Tablet reference design based on TI Sitara ARM processor at here.

Multimedia Tablet is primarily designed to run multimedia and web-based applications which require considerable processing power. Its main advantage over a laptop PC or a Notebook PC is its portability which is achieved by having a small form factor and less number of peripheral devices. Additionally, it uses a touch screen as the primary interface to control and interact with the product. Key requirements for a Tablet include:

  • small form factor: portability
  • wireless connectivity options
  • power efficiency

Applications Processor

The Cortex A8/ A9/ A15 processors are designed and optimized for advanced multimedia HD capabilities supporting full multi-standard playback and record functionality. It manages all the critical functions including text or video displays and audio interfaces. Typical operating systems used are Linux and Android.

Wireless Connectivity

TI's WiLink solutions are a single-chip WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, and FM solution that delivers low-power, small form-factor, and low-cost requirements of portable equipment manufacturers worldwide.


TI provides solutions for the LCD/OLED/eINK displays which include the low-power, high-ESD protection touch screen controllers, display interface products, and LCD bias and backlight solutions. Light sensors are also essential for continuous monitoring of ambient lighting to keep the power consumption for backlighting to down to a minimum.


The TI audio codecs are low-power devices that integrate stereo headphone and class-D speaker amplifiers to extend battery life. They are capable of advanced audio processing for improved voice and music. They are pin-to-pin and SW compatible to allow enable quick and easy product spin. Additional power savings can be achieved by using class-G DirectPath (capfree) stereo headphone amplifier.

Power Management

TI provides the complete power management solution for the Tablet design including highly integrated Power Management Units (PMU) for different ARM Cortex processors. The outstanding efficiency of the power conversion extends battery run time in addition to minimizing heat dissipation.

Battery Management

Accurate fuel gauging maximizes usable battery capacity and ensures orderly shutdown. The option to choose between system side and pack side battery fuel gauge offers customers flexibility in design. TI offers a large portfolio of linear and switching charger ICs both for single cell and double cell batteries. In case a high voltage charger is used, the charger front end protection IC is not needed. However, if the charger is integrated in a low voltage PMU or chipset, the front end IC is very important to protect the system from over-voltage and over-current.

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