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Signal analyzer is used in RF system design, validation and verification as well as for frequency spectrum measurement. Signal analyzer performs vector signal analysis (such as demodulation quality analysis) along with the spectrum analysis (such as amplitude, harmonics, distortion, phase noise, etc.) of the RF systems.

TI designs demonstrate integration of high speed ADCs and DACs with the signal processing unit for JESD204B interface. TI designs also help to design high performance, low power, integrated frequency generation used in signal analyzers.

TI’s latest high speed data converters are best suited for today’s higher analysis bandwidth and large power dynamic range of signal analyzers. TI's ultra-low jitter programmable clock oscillators are an ideal choice to clock the High Speed Data Converters. TI offering of the latest phase locked loop (PLL) synthesizers is capable of generating a wide frequency range with low phase noise. Wideband RF amplifiers and ADC drivers can be used to optimize the RF front end design of the signal analyzer. For signal processing of baseband signal, TI offers performance digital signal processors (DSP) . TI also offers precise power management solutions for various types of signal analyzers (Benchtop, handheld and modular).

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