USB Type-C™ Minidock Board With Video and Charging Support Evaluation Module


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The USB Type-C™ and Power Delivery (PD) minidock evaluation module (EVM) provides a complete reference solution for a USB Type-C dock including audio, USB data, power, and video.  The EVM has a small 2 inch by 4 inch  form factor and supports  both source and sink power capabilities over the primary USB Type-C PD port. Video output capabilities include both DisplayPort and HDMI.

  • Plug and play design
  • Bi-Directional Power Capabilities
  • DRP Full-Featured USB-C & PD Port
  • Dual Video (up to 4K) via HDMI or miniDP
  • Flash Update over Type-C

What's Included

    • USB-CTM-MINIDK-EVM INT-042 board

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    USB Type-C Minidock Board With Video and Charging Support Evaluation Module


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    PDF 2166 12 Jan 2017
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