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Featured SimpleLinkTM development kits 

SimpleLink software

SimpleLink CC13x2 and CC26x2 SDK

The SimpleLink CC13x2 and CC26x2 software development kit (SDK) provides a comprehensive software package for the development of Sub-1 GHz and 2.4 GHz applications including support for Bluetooth® Low Energy, Zigbee®, Thread, 802.15.4-based, proprietary, and multi-protocol solutions on the SimpleLink CC13x2 and CC26x2 Wireless MCUs.

SimpleLink CC13x0 SDK

The SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz CC13x0 SDK provides a comprehensive Sub-1 GHz software package for the SimpleLink CC1310 and CC1350 wireless MCUs and includes:

  • TI 15.4-Stack Sub-1 GHz star network
  • Support for proprietary Sub-1 GHz solutions
  • Bluetooth Low Energy stack.

Sensor-to-Cloud gateway solution

SimpleLink SDK-based Wi-Fi MCU gateway

  • Fully integrated, low-power wireless gateway
  • Scalability with the SimpleLink MCU platform
  • Cost-optimized solution
  • Supported OS: TI-RTOS, free RTOS


SimpleLink CC3220 Wi-Fi MCU:

  • Arm® Cortex® -M4
  • Dedicated network processor and application MCU
  • Chip-level Wi-Fi Alliance certification 

SimpleLink SDK-based Ethernet MCU gateway

  • Fully integrated Ethernet MAC + PHY
  • Scalability with the SimpleLink MCU platform
  • Supported OS: TI-RTOS, Free RTOS


SimpleLink MSP432E4 Ethernet MCU:

  • 120MHz Arm® Cortex® -M4F
  • USB, CAN SPI and serial interfaces
  • HW crypto blocks
  • SimpleLink SDK TI 15.4-Stack plugin 

Linux-based processor gateway

  • Enables enhanced user interface
  • Ability to run concurrent applications
  • Scalable MPU platform allowing support for additional wireless technologies
  • Supported OS: Linux


Sitara AM335x processor:

  • Scalable ARM Cortex-A8 from 300MHz-1GHz
  • 3D graphics for enhanced user interface
  • Dual-core PRU-ICSS 


Development tools

SmartRF studio

A Windows application that helps designers of RF systems easily evaluate the RF-ICs at an early stage in the design process.

Sensor controller studio

Sensor controller studio is used to write, test and debug code for the CC26xx/CC13xx sensor controller allowing for ultra-low power application design.

Resource explorer

An environment that helps you find all the latest examples, libraries, demo applications, datasheets, and more for your chosen platform.

An integrated development environment (IDE) that supports TI's Microcontroller and Embedded Processors portfolio.

User-friendly IDE with project management tools and editor that incorporates a highly optimized C/C++ compiler.

A standalone tool used to program on-chip flash memory on TI MCUs and on-board flash memory for Sitara processors.

Used to program the flash memory for many SimpleLink™ wireless devices and for upgrading the firmware and bootloader on related evaluation boards and debugger.

A small programmer and debugger for Wireless Networking Solutions.

SmartRF packet sniffer 2 includes software and firmware to capture and display over-the-air packets.

Other kits and software

The CC110L RF BoosterPack is a low-power wireless transceiver extension kit for use with the Texas Instruments MSP-EXP430GG2 LaunchPad development kit.

The CC1111 USB dongle makes it easy to have a direct connection between a PC and a sub-1 GHz network based on compatible radios, like the CC1101, CC1120, CC1110, and CC430.

The CC1120 development kit provides a complete hardware performance testing and software development platform for TI's Sub-1 GHz performance line devices.

The CC1125 development kit provides a complete hardware performance testing and software development platform for TI's Sub-1 GHz performance line devices.

The development kit provides a complete platform for hardware performance testing and software development for TI’s sub-1 GHz CC1200 device. Pre-programmed with a packet error rate test for out-of-the

The wireless M-Bus standard (EN13757-4:2005 and 2012) specifies the RF communication link between water, gas, heat, and electric meters and the data collecting devices.

SimpliciTI is a simple low-power RF network protocol aimed at small RF networks and works out of the box on TI RF platforms such as the MSP430 and CC1xxx/CC25xx/CC430.

Open source operating system for the IoT which integrates an IPv6/6LoWPAN stack.