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High-performance converters to translate between analog and digital domains

Explore our portfolio of audio converters consisting of audio ADCs, DACs, CODECs and USB converters and including a comprehensive library of reference designs, hardware, software and other online technical resoureces to speed your design process and time to market.

Audio ADCs

Analog-to-digital converters with technology that enables high integration and improved performance

Audio DACs

Digital-to-analog converters with DirectPathâ„¢ technology for a clean, pop-free output

Audio CODECs

Low-power stereo CODECs with miniDSP cores

Audio USB Converters

Advanced, stereo full-speed digital-to-analog converters with line-out and SPDIF outputs

Featured audio converters


Low-power stereo analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for voice-activated systems and portable audio


Automotive 4-ch audio ADC with integrated programmable mic bias, boost and input diagnostics


106dB SNR stereo audio DAC (H/W control)

Technical resources

An audio serial interface (ASI) provides a means to transfer non-buffered audio data between processors and/or audio converters. This report discusses several ASI configurations for audio codecs.

Noise is present in all circuit board systems. This report discusses methods to improve noise performance by minimizing overall noise contribution to improve the audio quality using audio codecs.

Understanding how digital filters affect the signal level upon it's conversion from the digital to the analog domain is important to consider. This report discusses the impact of digital filters.