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Quick help

I need a copy of my invoice. Where do I find that?

Check your order history, then select the specific order in question.


Where do I find RoHS, REACH, SGS, ICP information for TI's products?
How can I download full material declaration information for many TI products at once?
How can I find topside markings for TI products?
How do I find a TI part's country of origin (COO) or manufacturing location (fab and assembly)?

You can find the fab and assembly locations of TI parts in the material attributes search tool
For definitions of terms like "COO," visit the manufacturing terminology page. 

Simplify your sourcing and purchasing

With a myTI company account, companies and teams can collaborate through one shared account, as well as:

  • Gain access to request API keys
  • Save time by delegating purchases and creating reusable checkout profiles
  • Keep track of all orders in one consolidated order history

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