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  1. 1Loss of Ground Conditions
    1. 1.1 Loss of Device Ground
    2. 1.2 Loss of Module Ground
    3. 1.3 Output Protection on TPSxHxx Devices
  2. 2Loss of Battery Conditions
    1. 2.1 Loss of Battery
    2. 2.2 Inductive Loading and Loss of Battery
      1.      Trademarks
  3. 3Revision History

Loss of Device Ground

The first classification of loss of ground when using a Texas Instruments high-side switch is the loss of the local device ground. In this condition, other components of the overall system may have maintained a valid ground reference; however the ground that is referenced by the TI high-side switch has been lost. Figure 1-1 illustrates this condition.

GUID-20200602-SS0I-KZSG-TRSN-CTLLDRNSD5H0-low.gif Figure 1-1 Loss of Device Ground.