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  2. 1 F2806xM InstaSPIN-MOTION Enabled MCUs
  3. 2InstaSPIN-MOTION Key Capabilities and Benefits
    1. 2.1 Overview
    2. 2.2 FAST Unified Observer
    3. 2.3 SpinTAC Motion Control Suite
      1.      IDENTIFY
      2.      CONTROL
      3.      MOVE
      4.      PLAN
    4. 2.4 Additional InstaSPIN-MOTION Features
  4. 3InstaSPIN-MOTION Block Diagrams
    1.     Scenario 1: InstaSPIN-MOTION Speed Control with FAST Software Encoder
    2.     Scenario 2: InstaSPIN-MOTION Speed Control with a Mechanical Sensor
    3.     Scenario 3: InstaSPIN-MOTION Position Control with Mechanical Sensor and Redundant FAST Software Sensor
  5. 4Application Examples
    1. 4.1 Treadmill Conveyor: Smooth Motion Across Varying Speeds and Loads
    2. 4.2 Video Camera: Smooth Motion and Position Accuracy at Low Speeds
    3. 4.3 Washing Machine: Smooth Motion and Position Accuracy at Low Speeds
      1.      Agitation Cycle
      2.      Spin Cycles
    4. 4.4 InstaSPIN-MOTION Works Over the Entire Operating Range
  6. 5Evaluating InstaSPIN-MOTION Performance
    1. 5.1 Overview
    2. 5.2 Velocity Control Performance: SpinTAC vs PI
      1. 5.2.1 Disturbance Rejection
      2. 5.2.2 Reference Tracking
      3. 5.2.3 Step Response
    3. 5.3 Position Control Performance: SpinTAC vs PI
      1. 5.3.1 Disturbance Rejection
      2. 5.3.2 Reference Tracking
      3. 5.3.3 Step Response
      4. 5.3.4 Inertia Estimation Repeatability
  7. 6Microcontroller Resources
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    2. 6.2 Memory Utilization
    3. 6.3 Pin Utilization
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F2806xMInstaSPIN-MOTION Enabled MCUs

InstaSPIN-MOTION is no longer recommended for new designs and will not have application support. For motion control solutions please see the latest examples released in MotorControl software development kit (SDK) for C2000™ MCUs.

InstaSPIN-MOTION [TMS320F2806xM (69M and 68M — 80- or 100-pin packages)] is the first offering from Texas Instruments to combine TI 32-bit C2000™ microcontrollers with comprehensive motor-, motion-, speed-, and position-control software. InstaSPIN-MOTION delivers robust velocity and position control at the highest efficiency for motor applications that operate in various motion state transitions. InstaSPIN-MOTION is your own motion control expert, on a single chip.

InstaSPIN-MOTION is a sensorless or sensored field-oriented motor control (FOC) solution that can identify, tune, and control your motor in minutes. InstaSPIN-MOTION features the FAST™ premium software sensor and the SpinTAC™ Motion Control Suite (Figure 2-1). The core algorithms are embedded in the read-only-memory (ROM) on TI 32-bit C2000 microcontrollers (MCUs).

GUID-5EFAB580-D4AF-4F84-A231-337290B1D931-low.gifFigure 1-1 InstaSPIN-MOTION = C2000 F2806xM MCU + FAST Software Sensor (optional) + Auto-Tuned Inner-Torque Controller + SpinTAC Motion Control Suite

InstaSPIN-MOTION is ideal for applications that require accurate speed and position control, minimal disturbance, or undergo multiple state transitions or experience dynamic speed or load changes.

Table 2-1 provides examples of applications that will most benefit from InstaSPIN-MOTION.

Table 1-1 InstaSPIN-MOTION Application Examples
Application CharacteristicsExamples
Accurate speed controlIndustrial fans
Conveyor systems
Automotive body parts (electric windows, sunroofs)
Optical disc drives/hard drives
Medical mixing
Accurate position controlSurveillance systems
Packaging systems
Medical robots
Gimbal systems
Textile/Sewing machines
Minimal disturbanceDental tools
Power tools
Security gates and doors
Undergoes multiple state transitions/dynamic changesHVAC pumps, fans and blowers
Air conditioning compressors
Washing machines
Exercise equipment
Medical pumps


This document focuses on the additive features provided in InstaSPIN-MOTION and is a supplement to all standard TMS320F2806xM documentation, including:

    SPRS698TMS320F28069, TMS320F28068, TMS320F28067, TMS320F28066, TMS320F28065, TMS320F28064, TMS320F28063, TMS320F28062 Microcontrollers Data Manual. Contains the pinout, signal descriptions, as well as electrical and timing specifications for the 2806x devices.
    SPRUH18TMS320x2806x Technical Reference Manual. Details the integration, the environment, the functional description, and the programming models for each peripheral and subsystem in the device.
    SPRU566C2000 Real-Time Control MCU Peripherals Reference Guide. Describes the peripheral reference guides of the C28x digital signal processors (DSPs).

Additionally, the InstaSPIN-MOTION documentation package includes:

    SPRUHJ1TMS320F2802xF, TMS320F2805xF, TMS320F2806xF InstaSPIN-FOC, TMS320F2805xM, TMS320F2806xM InstaSPIN-MOTION User's Guide. Covers the scope and functionality of:
    • F2806xM devices
    • F2806xM ROM contents
    • InstaSPIN-MOTION system solutions.