SLDA060 March   2023 AM68A , LP8733 , TPS62872 , TPS62873 , TPSM8287A12


  1.   Abstract
  2.   Trademarks
  3. 1Introduction
  4. 2PDN Selection Guide
  5. 3LP87334E PMIC Settings
  6. 4Example Power Maps
    1. 4.1 AM68x Single LP87334E PDN-6K, Base Features Only
    2. 4.2 AM68x Single LP87334E PDN-6J, Base and eFuse Programming
    3. 4.3 AM68x Single LP87334E PDN-6H, Base, eFuse and SD Card
    4. 4.4 AM68x Single LP87334E PDN-6G, Base, eFuse, SD Card, and USB2.0
  7. 5Conclusion
  8. 6References


This application note describes a low cost, small size, non-safety power design recommended for AM68x processor line as used on SK-AM68 Processor Starter Kit. A selection guide that reviews system tradeoffs and design benefits is included. The guide can assist in power design selection and feature set comparisons. Example power and control map diagrams are provided to accelerate the design process.