IO-Link 및 디지털 I/O

Improve efficiency and increase uptime in industrial systems

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Our IO-Link interface transceivers provide system-level protection for point-to-point industrial communications for three-wire actuator and sensor connection. These devices feature small packages with pin configurability, helping you simplify designs, reduce system costs and support numerous sensor types.

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IO-Link transceivers

Integrated IEC 61000 ESD, EFT and surge-protected IO-Link transceivers for optimized sensor and automation applications

Digital output switches

NPN, PNP, and push-pull configurable solutions with integrated EMC protection and 3.3-V and 5-V LDO options

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IO-Link Technology Enables Smarter Factories
Learn about how TI’s TIOL111 IO-Link transceiver and TIOS101 digital sensor output driver with integrated EMC protection can simplify your design and reduce system cost
Technical article
Technical article
Is your factory smarter than a fifth grader?
TI’s TIOL111 IO-Link transceiver and TIOS101 digital output switch will enable the next generation of sensors and actuators in factories, providing features that further optimize product offerings and simplify bill of materials.
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Technical article
Technical article
IO-Link: The backbone of the smart factory
IO-Link is an important interface to implement the factory transition to a “smart factory” where data is easily exchanged and harnessed to keep factories running at maximum efficiency. 
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