Specialty logic

Solutions to complete your special-purpose application

Encoders & decoders

Buffered 1-bit up to 4-bit decoders, 2-bit up to 8-bit data selectors, and 8-bit encoders.

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Multi-bit up/down counters, full adders and parity checkers.

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Monostable multivibrator (one-shot)

Positive and negative edge retriggerable pulse generators/one-shots.

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Boundary scan (JTAG) logic

Boundary scan (JTAG) buffers, bus transceivers and registers.

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Rate multiplier/frequency dividers/timer

Multi-bit binary rate multipliers, programmable frequency dividers and programmable timers.

Phase-locked-loop (PLL)/oscillator

Digital phase-locked-loops, tone decoders and voltage-controlled oscillators.

Digital comparator

4-bit and 8-bit digital magnitude comparators.

Programmable logic

Programmable array logic (PAL) devices for military applications.

Bus termination array/network

Multi-bit bus termination arrays including Schottky barrier diodes.

TI BOM & cross reference tool

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