Alpha Data ADM-VA601 kit using AMD Versal core XQRVC1902 ACAP and TI radiation-tolerant products


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This is a 6U VPX form factor highlighting the AMD-Xilinx® Versal AI Core XQRVC1902 adaptable SoC/FPGA. The ADM-VA600 is modular board design with one FMC+ connector, DDR4 DRAM and system monitoring. The majority of the components are radiation-tolerant power management, interface, clocking and embedded processing (-SEP) devices.

AC/DC & DC/DC controllers (external FET)
TPS7H5005-SEP Radiation-tolerant, 2-MHz, dual-output PWM controller with synchronous rectification


AC/DC & DC/DC converters (integrated FET)
TPS7H4003-SEP Radiation-tolerant, 3-V to 7-V, 18-A, synchronous step-down converter in space-enhanced plastic TPS7H4010-SEP Radiation-tolerant, 3.5-V to 32-V input, 6-A synchronous step-down converter in a plastic package


CAN transceivers
SN55HVD233-SEP Radiation hardened 3.3V CAN transceiver in space enhanced plastic package with standby mode


Clock jitter cleaners
LMK04832-SEP Radiation-tolerant, 30-krad, ultra-low-noise, 3.2-GHz 15-output JESD204C clock jitter cleaner


DDR memory power ICs
TPS7H3302-SEP Radiation-tolerant, 2.3-V to 3.5-V input, 3-A sink and source DDR-termination LDO regulator


Direction-controlled voltage translators
SN54SLC8T245-SEP Radiation-tolerant, eight-bit, 0.65-V to 3.3-V, direction-controlled level translator


Half-bridge drivers
TPS7H6023-SP Radiation-hardened, QMLV 22V half-bridge GaN gate driver


Linear & low-dropout (LDO) regulators
TPS73801-SEP Radiation-tolerant, 2.2-V to 20-V input, 1-A adjustable LDO regulator in a plastic package TPS7H1111-SEP Radiation-tolerant, 1.5A, ultra-low-noise ultra-high-PSRR RF LDO regulator


Load switches
TPS7H2221-SEP Radiation-tolerant 1.6-V to 5.5-V input 1.25-A load switch


Supervisor & reset ICs
TL7700-SEP Radiation-tolerant, 40-V adjustable voltage supervisor in a plastic package
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ALPHA-3P-ADM-VA601-SPACE-AMD — Alpha Data ADM-VA601 kit using AMD Versal core XQRVC1902 ACAP and TI radiation-tolerant products

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