24V BLDC Motor
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The LVBLDCMTR is a low-voltage 3-ph synchronous brushless DC motor with surface mount magnets and sinusoidal back EMF.  Primarily to be used for InstaSPIN-FOC evalution.

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Motor Parameters as identified by InstaSPIN-FOC


#define USER_MOTOR_TYPE                 MOTOR_Type_Pm

#define USER_MOTOR_NUM_POLE_PAIRS       (4)

#define USER_MOTOR_Rr                   (NULL)  // induction motors

#define USER_MOTOR_Rs                   (0.73)

#define USER_MOTOR_Ls_d                 (0.00109)

#define USER_MOTOR_Ls_q                 (USER_MOTOR_Ls_d)

#define USER_MOTOR_RATED_FLUX           (0.0315)

#define USER_MOTOR_MAGNETIZING_CURRENT  (NULL)  // induction motors

#define USER_MOTOR_RES_EST_CURRENT      (0.5)

#define USER_MOTOR_IND_EST_CURRENT      (-0.5)

#define USER_MOTOR_MAX_CURRENT          (3.0)

#define USER_MOTOR_FLUX_EST_FREQ_Hz     (30.0)  // 4 KRPM / 266 Hz rated, 6.9 KRPM / 464 Hz max no-load


Hardware Features

  • 24Vdc rated 3-ph synchronous brushless DC motor
  • NEMA17 Frame size
  • 8 poles (4 pair)
  • U,V,W phase wires
  • NO integrated mechanical sensors (Hall or Encoder)


Get Started

  • Use with InstaSPIN enabled motor kits

What's Included

  • Low Voltage 3-ph BLDC Motor with bare phase wires

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24V BLDC Motor


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Technical documentation
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