TDA3X Evaluation Module



The TDA3x evaluation module (EVM) is an evaluation platform designed to speed up development efforts and reduce time-to-market for ADAS applications. The EVM is based on the TDA3x SoC, which incorporates a heterogeneous, scalable architecture that includes a mixture of the following:

  • TI’s fixed and floating-point TMS320C66x Digital Signal Processors (DSP)
  • Vision AccelerationPac with Embedded Vision Engine (EVE)
  • Dual ARM® Cortex®-M4 Processors

The EVM also integrates a host of peripherals including multicamera interfaces (both parallel and serial) for LVDS-based surround view systems, displays, CAN, and GigB Ethernet AVB. The EVM also integrates key peripherals such as Ethernet, FPD-Link and HDMI, while provides interfaces for popular imagers.

Please note that a power supply is NOT included with the TDA2Ex Evaluation Module and needs to be purchased separately. A power supply with the following specs is needed:

  • 12V DC output
  • 5A output
  • Positive inner and negative outer terminals
  • Female barrel with 2.5mm or 2.1mm inner diameter and 5.5mm outer diameter, insertion depth is 8.85mm

  • Hardware
    • TDA3x Processor
    • 4GB DDR3L
    • 1GB QSPI, 512MB NOR
    • 256KB I2C EEPROM
    • SD/MMC Socket
    • LP8733 & LP8732 PMICs
  • Software
    • Vision SDK
    • StarterWare
  • Connectivity
    • Gigabit Ethernet (2)
    • Std CAN & CAN-FD interfaces
    • FPD-Link III Ser & Des
    • HDMI Ser & Des
    • NTSC/PAL composite video
    • Camera sensor support
    • External Display support
    • RS-232 via USB FTDI
    • JTAG/Emulator
Digital signal processors (DSPs)
TDA3LA Low power SoC w/ vision acceleration for ADAS applications TDA3LX Low power SoC w/ processing, imaging & vision acceleration for ADAS applications TDA3MA Low power SoC w/ full-featured processing & vision acceleration for ADAS applications TDA3MD Low power SoC w/ full-featured processing for ADAS applications TDA3MV Low power SoC w/ full-featured processing, imaging & vision acceleration for ADAS applications

Get started

Step 1: Order the TDA3XEVM
;Step 2: Download the Processor SDK
;Step 3: View the user guide

Order & start development

Evaluation board

EVMTDA3G-02-40-00 – TDA3x/DRA78x-15X15 Evaluation Module – SVTronics

TI's Standard Terms and Conditions for Evaluation Items apply.

Technical documentation

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* User guide TDA3x_15X15 EVM CPU Board Users Guide May 10, 2017
User guide DRA78x_15X15 EVM CPU Board User's Guide May 22, 2017

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Software development

PROCESSOR-SDK-TDAX Processor SDK for TDAx ADAS SoCs - Linux and TI-RTOS Support

Support & training

Third-party support
TI does not offer ongoing direct design support for this hardware. For support while working through your design, contact SVTRONICS INC.



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