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The Kilby Center On September 9, 1997, Texas Instruments unveiled a new $150 million research and development building, named in honor of Jack S. Kilby. The Kilby Center, located on TI’s North Campus in Dallas, was built as one of the world’s most advanced research centers for silicon manufacturing.

Today the Kilby Center continues to support leading edge manufacturing, including advanced 90nm and 65nm processes on 200mm wafers.

TI researchers now develop breakthrough manufacturing processes on the larger, 300mm wafers in DMOS 6. Those processes serve as the technology base for the creation of TI’s leading-edge digital signal processing solutions and help TI maintain its recognized DSP leadership.

In 1958, TI engineer Jack Kilby sparked the electronics revolution by his invention of the integrated circuit. While Kilby’s invention contained just one transistor, today TI’s most advanced microchips can pack hundreds of million of transistors onto a piece of silicon.

"Not only is Jack Kilby’s invention one of the most significant of our time, it is one of the most significant of all time," said Tom Engibous, TI President and Chief Executive Officer. "Jack did more than invent the integrated circuit that day...he invented the future."