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Bluetooth® wireless technology is one of the most prominent short-range / mid-range communications technologies with an installed base of over three billion units.

Bluetooth low energy
(Bluetooth Smart)
Dual Mode Bluetooth
Classic Bluetooth

Connect low power applications to a smart phone or tablet

Bluetooth connection across any end point (Bluetooth low energy or classic); enables bridge between Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth Smart) and classic

Bluetooth connection with high data rate (up to 3Mbps)
TI Benefits
  • Easy to design with
  • Low power
  • Integration, automotive qualification and extreme temperature support (125 C)
  • Best performance for optimized power consumption
  • Flexible
  • Proven solution and support
  • Best performance with reliable connection over 100m
  • Flexible
  • Proven solution and support
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Additional Solutions
WiLink™ Combo Solutions: High-performance Wi-Fi® + Bluetooth / Bluetooth low energy + GPS smart transceivers

Simply Blue Classic Bluetooth 2.0: Plug-n-play solution with integrated processor, antenna, and built-in SPP.

TI SensorTag now supports iBeacon technology

TI is providing support for iBeacon technology across its entire Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth Smart) portfolio including a new SensorTag App and broadcaster reference design to help manufacturers quickly add micro-locationing capabilities to their products.

Featured Tools & Software for Bluetooth / Bluetooth Low Energy

NEWSimpleLink™ SensorTag location app with iBeacon technology

SensorTag Location App

Download now from the Apple App Store.


NEWMini Bluetooth Low Energy Broadcaster

CC2543 Broadcaster RD

Fully certified design: broadcast Bluetooth smart data with the CC2543


NEWHaptic Bluetooth® Kit

CC2541-Q1 wireless MCU

A complete evaluation and design kit for prototyping haptic feedback in any application.


BT+MSP430 Audio Reference Designs

BT+MSP430 Audio Reference Design

Can be used to create a variety of applications for low end, low power audio solutions

Simply Blue LMX9838 Module

Highly integrated IC mold package module. Plug-n-play solution with integrated processor, antenna, and built-in SPP.

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SimpleLink Bluetooth Dual-Mode Modules and Evaluation Board

Complete Bluetooth® BR/EDR/LE HCI or Bluetooth + Bluetooth Low Energy solution


  • LPRF Bluetooth Smart EPGI
  • CC2540T
  • Advance your automotive design with Bluetooth® Smart technology
  • BT Audio Sink Reference Design
  • Bluetooth LMX9838 EVM
  • TI's SimpleLink Bluetooth Smart SensorTag now supports iBeacon