Bluetooth® wireless technology is one of the most prominent short-range / mid-range communications technologies with an installed base of over three million units. TI Bluetooth and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) solutions contain the industry’s largest selection of devices, and are the easiest to use and lowest power.

NEW SimpleLink™ ultra-low power wireless MCU platform

SimpleLink ultra-low power wireless MCU platform

Industry’s first multi-technology wireless MCU platform, including Bluetooth low energy (BLE)

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Bluetooth low energy
(BLE/Bluetooth Smart)
Dual Mode Bluetooth
Classic Bluetooth

Connect low power applications to a smart phone or tablet

Bluetooth connection across any end point (Bluetooth low energy or classic); enables bridge between Bluetooth low energy (BLE/Bluetooth Smart) and classic

Bluetooth connection with high data rate (up to 3Mbps)
TI Benefits
  • Easy to design with
  • Low power
  • Integration, automotive qualification and extreme temperature support (125 C)
  • Best performance for optimized power consumption
  • Flexible
  • Proven solution and support
  • Best performance with reliable connection over 100m
  • Flexible
  • Proven solution and support
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Additional Solutions
WiLink™ Combo Solutions: High-performance Wi-Fi® + Bluetooth / Bluetooth low energy + GPS smart transceivers

Simply Blue Classic Bluetooth 2.0: Plug-n-play solution with integrated processor, antenna, and built-in SPP.

TI SensorTag now supports iBeacon technology

TI is providing support for iBeacon technology across its entire Bluetooth low energy (BLE/Bluetooth Smart) portfolio including a new SensorTag App and broadcaster reference design to help manufacturers quickly add micro-locationing capabilities to their products.

Featured Tools & Software for Bluetooth / Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

NEWSimpleLink™ SensorTag location app with iBeacon technology

SensorTag Location App

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NEWMini Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Broadcaster

CC2543 Broadcaster RD

Fully certified design: broadcast Bluetooth smart data with the CC2543


NEWHaptic Bluetooth® Kit

CC2541-Q1 wireless MCU

A complete evaluation and design kit for prototyping haptic feedback in any application.


BT+MSP430 Audio Reference Designs

BT+MSP430 Audio Reference Design

Can be used to create a variety of applications for low end, low power audio solutions

Simply Blue LMX9838 Module

Highly integrated IC mold package module. Plug-n-play solution with integrated processor, antenna, and built-in SPP.

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SimpleLink Bluetooth Dual-Mode Modules and Evaluation Board

Complete Bluetooth® BR/EDR/LE HCI or Bluetooth + Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solution