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TI offers the most efficient and power dense flyback controllers that meet the demands of switch mode power supplies for various applications.

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Adaptive Zero Voltage Switching Active-Clamp Flyback Controller


Off-Line Constant-Voltage Constant-Current Flyback Controller With Primary-Side Regulation (PSR)


High-Efficiency Flyback Controller With Optocoupler Feedback

What is a flyback controller?

A flyback controller is a dedicated IC that's designed to specifically regulate a flyback converter. Click the different boxes in the diagram below to read more about each feature.

Feedback for Flyback controllerOperating Mode for Flyback converter Switch for Flyback converter Integrated HV Startup for Flyback converter Negative Temperature Coefficient Interface (NTC Interface) for Flyback controller Cable Compensation (CBC) for Flyback converter Constant Voltage/Constant Current Control (CV/CC Control) for Flyback controller

Looking for small-size solution? Learn more about Converters

  • Converters are controllers that integrate the power switch into one package
  • Helps further reduce the size of the power supply and total system cost

Looking for higher efficiency? Learn more about Synchronous Rectifier (SR) Controllers

  • SR controllers are drivers that enable FETs to emulate diodes by turning them on and off when the body diode normally conducts
  • Since a FET has lower losses than a diode, replacing the rectifier diode with an SR improves efficiency