BQ294533 Overvoltage Protection For 2-Series and 3-Series Cell Li-Ion Batteries |

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Overvoltage Protection For 2-Series and 3-Series Cell Li-Ion Batteries



The bq2945xx family of products is a secondary-level voltage monitor and protector for Li-Ion battery pack systems. Each cell is monitored independently for an overvoltage condition. Based on the configuration, an output is triggered after a fixed delay if any of the two or three cells has an overvoltage condition. This output is triggered into a high state after an overvoltage condition satisfies the specified delay timer.


  • 2-Series and 3-Series Cell Overvoltage Monitor for Secondary Protection
  • Fixed Programmable Delay Timer
  • Fixed OVP Threshold
    • Available Range From 3.85 V to 4.6 V
  • Fixed OVP Delay Option: 4 s or 6.5 s
  • High-Accuracy Overvoltage Protection:
    ±10 mV
  • Low Power Consumption ICC ≈ 1 µA
  • Low Leakage Current per Cell Input < 100 nA
  • Small Package Footprint
    • 6-Pin SON

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Part number Order Function Number of series cells (Min) Number of series cells (Max) Communication interface Features Typical operating current (Typ) (uA) Rating Vin (Max) (V) Package Group Approx. price (US$)
BQ294533 Order now Protection     2     3     No Communication     Programmable EEPROM or EPROM
Over-voltage (OV)    
1     Catalog     25     WSON | 6     0.24 | 1ku