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LMH6523 (ACTIVE) High performance Quad DVGA with quick power down mode

High performance Quad DVGA with quick power down mode - LMH6523


The LMH6523 contains four, high performance, digitally controlled variable gain amplifiers (DVGA). It has been designed for use in narrowband and broadband IF sampling applications. Typically, the LMH6523 drives a high performance ADC in a broad range of mixed signal and digital communication applications such as mobile radio and cellular base stations where automatic gain control (AGC) is required to increase system dynamic range.

Each channel of LMH6523 has an independent, digitally controlled attenuator and a high linearity, differential output, amplifier. All circuitry has been optimized for low distortion and maximum system design flexibility. Power consumption is managed by a three-state enable pin. Individual channels can be disabled or placed into a Low Power Mode or a higher performance, High Power Mode. The enable pin is active in both serial and parallel modes for systems that require high speed power control.

The LMH6523 digitally controlled attenuator provides precise 1dB gain steps over a 31dB range. The digital attenuator can be controlled by either a SPI Serial bus or a high speed parallel bus.

The output amplifier has a differential output, allowing large signal swings on a single 5V supply. The low impedance output provides maximum flexibility when driving a wide range filter designs or analog to digital converters. For applications which have very large changes in signal level LMH6523 can support up to 62dB of gain range by cascading channels.

The LMH6523 operates over the industrial temperature range of −40°C to 85°C. The LMH6523 is available in a 54-Pin, thermally enhanced, LLP package.


  • OIP3: 49dBm at 200MHz
  • Noise Figure: 8.5dB
  • Voltage Gain: 26dB
  • 1dB Gain Steps
  • Enable pins active in SPI mode
  • −3dB bandwidth of 1400 MHz
  • Gain Step Accuracy: 0.2 dB
  • Disable function for each channel
  • Parallel and Serial gain control
  • Low Power Mode for power management flexibility
  • Small footprint LLP package


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Part number Order Number of channels (#) Operating temperature range (C)
LMH6523 Order now 4     -40 to 85    
LMH6521 Order now 2     -40 to 85    
LMH6522 Order now 4     -40 to 85