TAS5404-Q1 26-W Analog Single-Ended Input 4-Ch Class-D Amp w/Load Dump Protection and I2C Diagnostics | TI.com

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26-W Analog Single-Ended Input 4-Ch Class-D Amp w/Load Dump Protection and I2C Diagnostics



The TAS5404-Q1 device is a four-channel class-D audio amplifier designed for use in automotive head units. The TAS5404-Q1 device provides four channels at 20 W continuously into 4 Ω at less than 1% THD+N from a 14.4-Vdc supply when used with the application circuit. The input is configured as an analog single-ended interface. The patented PWM topology of the device provides dramatic improvements in efficiency and audio performance over traditional linear amplifier solutions. The improvement in efficiency and audio performance reduces the power dissipated by the amplifier by a factor of ten under typical music playback conditions. The device incorporates all the required functions required by the OEM application. The built-in load diagnostic functions for detecting and diagnosing disconnected speakers help reduce test time during the manufacturing process.


  • TAS5404-Q1 – Single-Ended Input
  • Four-Channel Class-D Power Amplifier
  • Four Analog Inputs, Four BTL Power Outputs
  • Typical Output Power at 10% THD+N
    • 26 W/Ch Into 4 Ω at 14.4 V
    • 45 W/Ch Into 2 Ω at 14.4 V
  • Channels Can Be Paralleled (PBTL) for High-
    Current Applications
  • THD+N < 0.02%, 1 kHz, 1 W Into 4 Ω
  • Patented Pop-and-Click-Reduction Technology
    • Soft Muting With Gain Ramp Control
    • Common-Mode Ramping
  • Patented AM Interference Avoidance
  • Patented Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit
  • 75dB PSRR
  • Four-Address I2C Serial Interface for Device
    Configuration and Control
  • Channel Gains: 12 dB, 20 dB, 26 dB, 32 dB
  • Load Diagnostic Functions:
    • Output Open and Shorted Load
    • Output-to-Power and Output-to-Ground Shorts
    • Patented Tweeter Detection
  • Protection and Monitoring Functions:
    • Short-Circuit Protection
    • Load-Dump Protection to 50 V
    • Fortuitous Open-Ground and Open-Power
    • Patented Output DC Level Detection While
      Music Playing
    • Overtemperature Protection
    • Overvoltage and Undervoltage Conditions
    • Clip Detection
  • 64-Pin QFP (PHD) Power Package With Heat
    Slug Up
  • Designed for Automotive EMC Requirements
  • Qualified According to AEC-Q100
  • ISO9000:2002 TS16949-Certified
  • –40°C to 105°C Ambient Temperature Range


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Part number Order Audio input type Architecture Speaker channels (Max) Power stage supply (Min) (V) Power stage supply (Max) (V) Load (Min) (ohms) THD + N @ 1 kHz (%) Iq (Typ) (mA) Control interface Closed/open loop Analog supply (Min) (V) Analog supply (Max) (V) PSRR (dB) Operating temperature range (C) Rating
TAS5404-Q1 Order now Analog Input     Class-D     4     5.6     18     2     0.02     93     I2C     Closed     5.6     18     75     -40 to 105     Automotive