TCA5013 Smart card interface IC for 1 user card + 3 SAMs |

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Smart card interface IC for 1 user card + 3 SAMs



TCA5013 is a smartcard interface IC that is targeted for use in Point of Sale (POS) terminals. The device enables POS terminals to interface with EMV4.3, ISO7816-3 and ISO7816-10 compliant cards. It supports up to 3 Secure Access Module (SAM) cards in addition to 1 user card. It operates from a single supply and generates all the card voltages. The device is controlled by a standard I2C interface and is capable of card activation and deactivation per EMV4.3 and ISO7816-3 standards. In addition it also supports ISO7816-10 synchronous cards. It has a 4-byte FIFO that stores the ATR (Answer to Reset) sequence in ISO7816-10 type 1 cards. Synchronous cards (ISO7816-10 type 1 and type 2) can be set up for automatic activation or manual activation. The device has multiple power saving modes and also supports power saving in the smartcard itself by “clock stop” or lowering clock frequency to lowest allowable levels per the ISO7816 - 3 standard. TCA5013 has IEC 61000-4-2 8kV contact discharge on all pins that interface with smartcards. This enables the system to be resistant to ESD in the field without the need for external ESD devices. It is available in an 5 mm x 5 mm BGA package. The pin out of the device is such that all the IO pins are securely surrounded by other pins. This prevents the secure pins from being probed during device operation.


  • Operating supply voltage range of 2.7 V to 5.5 V
  • Supports EMV 4.3, ISO7816-3 and ISO7816-10 standards
  • Supports 1 user card and 3 secure access module cards
  • IEC61000-4-2 8-kV Contact discharge esd protection on all smartcard interface pins
  • Low power mode for power saving when inactive (shutdown mode)
  • Automatic card deactivation in the event of short circuit, card pull out, over temperature or power supply fault
  • Integrated DC-DC boost to generate VCC for 5 V and 3 V on all card interfaces
  • Automatic card clock generation for synchronous card activation
  • 4-byte FIFO for storing ATR from ISO7816-10 Type 1 cards
  • Programmable rise/fall time control for IO and clock lines of all smartcards
  • Input clock frequency up to 26 MHz
  • Tamper proof package design

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